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Hello, all the entertainment lovers, so one of the most talented yet controversial actresses of Bollywood is garnering the attention of the audience of the television screen nowadays. The show is raking enormous attention as the show has invited all the controversial stars of the entertainment industry as the contestants. It is generating buzz even on social media as multiple memes derived from the show are trending on the web. All the controversial contestants are enhancing the level of the entertainment. The show also welcomes some of the social media personalities earned fame lately. Get more information on Lock Upp Written Update.

Lock Upp

According to the latest updates, the show is being hosted by Kangana Ranaut who is analyzing and questioning social media stars and other personalities behind the reason for their fame and why they collected headlines on a regular basis. Another online personality named Anjali Arora gained enormous fame with one of the reels while following the trend of ‘Kaacha Badam’ went viral. The Instagram star is also known as the ‘Kaacha Badam’ girl arrived on the set of the show but got roasted by the host Kangana Ranaut.

Lock Upp Elimination

Another video shows the argument between the stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui and Kangana Ranaut. The clip of the heated argument also received much attention from the netizens and because of viral clips, the fame of the show is increasing. In addition to this one of the aspirants of the show named Saisha Shinde opens up about her personal life and said that once she was trapped in a mentally abusive relationship. She also revealed some of the minor details of her partner. All of her co-contestants were shocked at the time the fashion designer disclosed some of the dark events of her past.

As per the current cirC***stances, it came to know that the renowned fashion designer started to develop feelings for her co-contestant named Munawar Faruqi whose viral video of an argument with the host of the show went viral on the internet as we mentioned earlier in the article. In the recent episodes, the fashion designer seems to confess her feeling for Munawar with another contestant Sana Khan while performing the task.

She said that she has a soft corner for Munawar in her heart but she is unaware whether only she is falling for it is the same there as well. Her statement has become the talk of the town. Let’s see what will be the outcomes of these feelings after Munawar comes to know about them. Stay tuned with Phoosi for more entertainment updates.

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