Inside the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta says that Arjun took Kajal from her eyes. She says that he utilized the Tika. Arjun seems at Rakhi and asks if he has achieved one thing incorrect. Rakhi takes his side. Preeta will get upset and leaves saying even Rakhi is taking his side. Rakhi tries to stop her nonetheless she continues to maneuver. Arjun calls Preeta a bitter twine to which Rakhi says that Karan moreover talked about her within the equivalent technique. Arjun says that it proves that she is reasonably like that.

Kundali Bhagya

Inside the subsequent scene, Prithvi rides a motorbike when Raja stops it. Raja tells Prithvi that they’re working out of petrol. Prithvi will get aggravated and says that he should have taken care of it as they’re proper right here to free him from jail. Within the meantime, Vishnu signifies that they’ll get petrol from the petrol pump. Prithvi says that he doesn’t have his cellphone to which Raja questions if which signifies that he’s not going to pay. Prithvi will get offended and asks him to call him a thief and liar if he must. Raja says that he found him a pleasing man as an alternative.

Later, Prithvi assures every Raja and Vishnu that he’ll make them rich. The lawyer moreover praises Prithvi and calls him a pleasing specific particular person. Prithvi says that he’s good to unhealthy people and unhealthy to the good ones. Raja asks Prithvi if he’s mentioning Raja. On one different hand, Sameer asks Shrishti to not get offended with him and goes on to apologize to her. Shrishti says that she merely wants him to love her. He assures her that he loves her tons.  Shrishti offers that she wants him to grasp her work and reward her if she does one factor good.

Proper right here, Bi Jee sits with Janki when Shrishti comes there. She form of scares Janki. Bi Jee scolds Shrishti for troubling Janki and reminds her that she simply isn’t that youthful now. On one different side, Anjali calls Rishab and asks him if he instructed Shrishti that she likes Arjun and that she simply isn’t eager on any form of rivals. Rishab apologizes to him. It’s little query to say that the story of Zee TV’s serial is getting pretty attention-grabbing. Maintain associated with Social Telecast for additional such updates and the latest info occurring across the globe.

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