Kundali Bhagya Full Episode Today 2021

Preeta is taking cover behind the machines, prithvi strolls towards the bed stooping to check whether anybody is here, Prithvi believes that his ears are beating as he is continually feeling that somebody is close to him yet he can’t see anybody,

Prithvi then, at that point, takes out the medication, seeing which Preeta blows up, prithvi asks who says that life and demise are in the possession of Bhagwan as it isn’t accurate in light of the fact that they are in his grasp, he then, at that point, infuses the medication in the IV sack, imagining that now Sundeep is clearly going to bite the dust, Prithvi in energy leaves the room, he is stunned to see that his ring is missing and ponders where has it gone, he imagines that if the police can find his ring, it would be the evidence against him.

Preeta emerges from the stowing away, illuminating Sundeep to not be concerned as he was simply infused with multi nutrients and the main thing which they will do is to support his resistance, Preeta hears that somebody is coming, Prithvi in a rush goes into the room binds to find his ring anyway he is stunned to see that Sundeep isn’t in his bed,

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Prithvi remaining at the window sees Preeta remaining by the emergency vehicle, while the ward young men are setting Sundeep in the rescue vehicle, Prithvi attempts to pursue her anyway he believes that he should initially find reality with regards to his ring as though any other person snags it then his arrangement would be destroyed, Prithvi can find his ring with the a***istance of his portable.

Prithvi while driving the vehicle is considering how everything happened in light of the fact that he was truly cautious so how could he be deluded, Prithvi then, at that point, reviews when he thought somebody was with him in the room, he is truly stunned, Prithvi attempts to think where Preeta took Sundeep.

Preeta carries Sundeep into the Luthra house with the a***istance of the ward young men, Rakhi brings the wheelchair, Rakhi inquires as to for what reason did Preeta go alone since, in such a case that she told them before then somebody may have went with her, Preeta discloses she got to know in such a rush that couldn’t illuminate anybody, Shristhi questions why did she not call them subsequently, Preeta answers they can discuss it later however first need to conceal Sundeep, she requests Sameer to take care from him.

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Preeta alongside Sameer, Shrishti and Rakhi go into the room with Sundeep, Preeta discloses they need to ensure Sundeep is stowed away from Prithvi, Rakhi inquires as to whether Prithvi realizes that Sundeep is here, Preeta answers he doesnot yet they must be truly cautious since he is Prithvi and truly cunning so would have the option to discover reality, Preeta chooses to proceed to close the front entryway,

yet all at once Prithvi prevents her from shutting it, Preeta is stunned to see him, he asks what occurred and would she not permit him to come inside, Preeta answers it is nothing similar to that, he inquires as to for what reason is she in such a lot of pressure, Prithvi attempts to address what has occurred,

Preeta says he even realizes what has not occurred, Prithvi shouts he resembles that as he can perceive what is covered up and what is reality, Preeta requests that he say it obviously, prithvi questions what is she concealing which he needs to know,

Prithvi inquires as to whether he has a portable, Preeta inquires as to whether he is terrified that she is recording him, Prithvi questions what advantage did those recording gave her, he then, at that point, inquires as to whether her versatile has a camera,

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Preeta questions for what reason is he so frightened yet Prithvi anyway answers he isn’t terrified and is just alive in light of his keenness, Preeta is determined that she was not at the clinic and isn’t understanding his unimportant discussions yet Prithvi then, at that point, says he would be clear, he questions where did she take Sundeep.

Preeta anyway will not acknowledge that she had at least something to do with it and was even at the emergency clinic yet Preeta is inflexible that she was not there, Prithvi anyway clarifies he saw her with Sundeep by the rescue vehicle,

he can even see her from the highest point of a structure since she remains as a cherished memory to him, then, at that point, she ought not be so sure in light of the fact that he can never be mixed up and has saw her at the dock by the rescue vehicle, Prithvi demands her to not come in his manner since he has compromised her a great deal of times previously yet she endures on hurting him anyway would not have the option to do it.

Preeta clarifies she can do anything for her family and when somebody attempts to hurt then she turns out to be similarly as the Durga maa to ensure her family, Prithvi anyway answers she would not have the option to do it yet Preeta demands she will ensure Prithvi arrives at the finish of his life as she will doubtlessly help Rishab jee so he is liberated and afterward prithvi would be in prison for every one of the wrongdoings which he has carried out,

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Prithvi is loosened up that nothing can happen to him as he will like consistently stay successful, Prithvi leaves out of resentment, Preeta thinks she has uncovered every last bit of her arrangements to Prithvi yet has recently kept one card stowed away which is Sundeep so he can’t get to him.

Prithvi arrives at his room in dissatisfaction, he sits on the couch spilling out water, Kritika awakens asking where did Prithvi go so late around evening time and is returning at this hour, Prithvi out of frustration shouts je doesnot like to be scrutinized this much, Kritika gets strained when prithvi asks how could she like his going about as it was similarly as a trick,

Kritika leaves, Prithvi standing figures what should he do now since he really wants to end Sundeep this evening, prithvi thinks whatever he says about Sherlin she generally had an arrangement, he isn’t even ready to reach her,

Prithvi thinks there are such a lot of pressures in life in light of the fact that at one second he feels everything is arranged yet at the other there are such countless issues, Prithvi is certain that Preeta jee would have carried Sundeep to the Mansion, he should look through every one of the rooms to find the Sundeep now, Kritika coming out thinks there would be a great deal pressures in the business.

Preeta going into the room clarifies that Prithvi has returned, and realizes that she knows about the whole truth however he doesnot realize that Rakhi maa likewise knows it,

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Rakhi exhorts Preeta that they ought to illuminate the whole family yet Shrishti quickly stops her platitude since, in such a case that Prithvi comes to know about it then he would either bite the dust or damage somebody yet the manner in which he will be, he would definitely attempt to hurt somebody,

Preeta clarifies Shristhi is valid since, in such a case that he comes to realize that they all know his reality, he would begin making arrangements so it is better that he thinks she just knows about him, Sameer clarifies that Prithvi would come to realize that Sundeep is in the Luthra chateau, he will attempt to look for him, Rakhi shouts it is a house so he will actually want to find Sundeep.

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Prithvi emerging from the visitor room is strained on the grounds that he couldn’t find Sundeep, Prithvi is astonished with the intelligence of Preeta as she probably was aware he would take a gander at the visitor room, prithvi sitting on the couch ponders where might have they all concealed Sundeep, he thinks he just has around evening time if not all things be demolished, Prithvi anyway remaining with restored mind figures this can’t occur as he doesnot realize how to lose, and will without a doubt not let any other person win.

Precap: Prithvi is holding the blade when he sees everybody remaining at the back, Sundeep demands Prithvi to not kill him, he attempts to hit him with a blade yet Sundeep figures out how to flee, the lights turn on when Preeta comes shouting that prithvi is caught, he is stunned to see everybody remaining before him.

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