So, far in the show, we watched that Prachi is talking to Pallavi asking why she is not understanding her even when she knows that she is not like what she is pretending now. Pallavi replies she to be silent and not create any drama, whereas Prachi replies that she is not here to create a drama but if anyone points to Ranbir and her Kumkum then she won’t be sitting silent. So, if you are also a family drama lover so be here till the end to read Kumkum Bhagya’s today’s episode’s written update.

Kumkum Bhagya

The latest episode of the show begins with, Pallavi elaborating the game to all and tells that they should bling fold all the men and they have to identify their wives by sniffing them. Everyone gets agree with her but then she says that if anyone identifies her wife wrong then the man has to do with the lady whom he chose, whatever is written in the story. It scares Rhea and she thinks that what if Ranbir does not recognize her as he loves and is habitual of Prachi, so she calls Aaliya asking for a plan for the game. Aaliya then says her to wear a Gajra so that Ranbir will sniff the fragrance and easily catch her.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2021

Rhea then gets happy and tells Ranbir to recognize her by the fragrance of mogra. Aaliya then says that now they should start the game, she first takes Vikram’s name saying that he has to find Pallavi. Pallavi starts blushing, one of the guys says Vikram to get a tip to identify his wife, he goes and sniffs Pallavi, then Aaliya picks a chit saying that now he has to read a poem praising Pallavi, he does the same and makes Pallavi blush more, everyone there claps. She then says that now Rahul will be the next, she comes and Pallavi blinds fold him.

Meanwhile, a lady comes and says Prachi to go and stands with all the ladies. Rahul comes and starts trying to identify Renu, but he chooses the wrong lady that makes Renu angry at him, Aaliya then picks a chit out and says him to pick the girl and get a round of the house apologizing to Renu that he will not repeat this again. He then says sorry to Renu. The episode ends, stay connected to know if Ranbir gets success recognizing Rhea.

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