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Jeff Bezos Net Worth 2021, House, Children, Wife, Age, Biography, Wiki: There Was A Time when Bulgates was the richest man in the world.

With its Seventy One Million Dollar Network. But in 2021, Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in the world. With a 3 123 billion network. Do Guys know how much is 123$ billion?

123$ billion is so much, that one hundred and one countries in the world are poorer than Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos alone has more wealth than the one hundred and one countries have. Jeff Bezos was no longer Tes Mar Khan as a child. Let me tell you the whole story today.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth In 2021 And His Father

  • Jeff Bozos Total Net worth in 2021 is 185.1 billion Dollars US.

You probably know about the Amazon company. Which sends its product to people, and takes money from them. Jeff Bezos owns the company Amazon. Jeff Bezos was born in New Mexico. When they were born.

So at that time, his mother was only 17 years old. And she was just reading. Jeff Bezos was born just because of college squabbles. And when Jeff Bezos was 18, his father left him. He was raised by Jeff Bezos’ mother alone for four years. Then his mother married a man named Bezos. That’s why he’s called Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos Education And His IQ

He never stopped in his school life or college life. But his family was very proud of him. Because they were very creative people. They were just beginning to move. He grabbed the screws and began to open his toys, and began to see what was inside them.

After that, as he grew up, he used to do a lot of practicals. When he grew up, he set up a security alarm in his room so that whenever a person came into my room, I would know.

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Jeff Bezos’s First Computer Training And His First Job

There weren’t that many computers in 1990. So computers used to come to any school with great difficulty. That’s how Jeff Bezos’s school computer came about when he was still in fourth grade. So he learned to operate a computer by reading his manual. His teacher could not operate the computer.

Jeff Bezos then taught his teacher to operate a computer. Jeff Bezos has been immersed in his books since childhood, he used to read something or learn something new. He completed his computer science education.

Then many companies told him: Work with us. But he saw his interest. And started working in a small company. And very soon he became Voice president.

How did Jeff Bezos come up with the idea for Amazon?

Then one day he was working on his internet in the same way, then he found out that the strange thing is that the traffic on the internet increases by 2300 percent. So they were very surprised to see this.

That so many people are starting to use the internet. At that moment, an idea came to his mind, why not start selling things to people on the internet. And he quit his job, and he started selling things to people on the internet.

That such a job he devoted his life to. He left. And bring books to your garage. And started selling books on the Internet. It was not an easy task for them to make this decision at that time. Because they were married.

Everyone was cursing him. Dude, you’re crazy enough to quit your job. Quit such a good job. Have you started acting stupid? Most people did not know about the Internet at that time. So they say one thing every time. If you can’t hear people’s criticism and jealousy, you can’t do anything.

Motivated by Jeff Bezos

If you have something new to do, prepare yourself. Because people will do you a lot of harm. Earlier, Jeff Bezos quit his job.

So people criticized him. But when he succeeded, then people would ask him with great embarra***ment what it was. Who motivated you to quit your job. So he says with great love: That if I had tried and failed,

I would never have had to suffer in my life. That I did not get involved in this work. But if I didn’t do it, I would be very sad. I wish I could do that.

Amazon Growth and Amazon Candle

He had just started his own company. He had mastered a lot in the first month. They understood. Twenty years from now, this thing will grow in the future.

Everyone will be an internet user. They always had the long term advantage in mind. That living term should benefit.

There is no point in short term. His company conducted similar surveys until 2007. And very good growth. But Jeff Bezos was a very creative man. They have introduced a new product. It’s called the Amazon Candle.

Amazon Candle Service

In it, you can read a book whenever you buy it. The customer did not have to wait. When will the book come out? And I will read again.

He would order. So the company would send the book home. And he could read it online right away. The day he launched the Amazon Candle, six hours later, his entire book was sold out.

The entire book remained out of stock for the next five months. Until 2007, no new company could have imagined that we would overtake Amazon. Because 95 percent of America was surrounded, people were very happy with it.

How many people work on Amazon and how?

Today, 3 million people work on Amazon. Whose average salary is 28,000, which is close to Pakistan’s Rs? 3.9 million.

It is one of the companies that started from scratch, and today it has spread all over the world. It gives you one-day shipping.

If you order today, you will receive your goods today. In some major cities, their services are so good that if you place an order, your order is delivered to your home within twenty minutes.

Jeff Bezos Guards

Today Mr. Jeff Bezos has become so rich that he spends Rs. 300 million a month on his security which he has kept with him.

Security, etc. Spend Rs. 300 million a month. And this is the same company that started with one room and was run by only one man.

But today the company has spread all over the world. And that’s what makes Jeff Bezos the richest man.

Jeff Bezos Gmail

Jeff Bezos Biography, House, Children, Wife, Age, Net Worth [2021]

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