Is Pope Francis Dead or Alive? Check Pope Francis Death Hoax Rumours Trending!

Is Pope Francis Dead or Alive

Pope Francis is now gaining too much attention on the internet and it is coming forward that he passed away but many netizens are saying that it’s just a rumor. His death news creates a rumor on social media platforms and these rumors are surrounding the internet. Every day new rumors went viral on the internet and gathered huge attention. Similarly, his death news is gaining so much attention on social media pages that are not confirmed yet whether he died or not, so here we will discuss the complete information related to him and also talk about this rumor.

Is Pope Francis Dead or Alive

People are now worried about him knowing whether is he alive or not, so recently the news of his death surfaced on the internet in which he passed away. It is confirmed that he is alive, and it’s just fake news of his death, don’t believe that ridiculous kind of rumor of his death. He was suffering from some health problems and was currently admitted to the hospital after facing respiratory problems. The Vatican announced and shared on Wednesday 29 March 2023 that he will be hospitalized for around one week. There is not much information coming forward related to this rumor. Let us know some personal detail about him, so scroll down the article.

Is Pope Francis Dead or Alive?

Pope Francis was born on 17 December 1936 in Bueno Aires, Argentina and he become the head of multiple churches such as the Catholic Church, the Sovereign of the Vatican City State, and the Bishop of Rome. Currently, he is 86 years old and living in Domus Sanctae, Marthae and he belongs from Argentina. He is one of five siblings and he was the elder brother among five siblings. His father’s name was Mario Jose and he was an Italian immigrant, her mother’s name was Regina Maria Sivori and she was a housewife. There is not much available on the internet related to his family and personal life.

After coming out of this rumor, many people expressed their sadness for him, and many were confused related to his death but now it is confirmed that he is still alive and hospitalized. Every day various kinds of these rumors coming forward which are mostly belonged to fake news and various it is just a prank of popular celebrities to know the response of their fans. All the important information related to him has been shared above in this article and we will update our article after getting more news related to his death incident.

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