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Best Cheapest Mobiles For Pubg In Pakistan 2021 | Updated List: As you know, not everyone can afford an expensive mobile phone in today’s world of inflation. That’s why today we have brought to you the details of some of the mobiles that you can buy and play PUBG mobile games. And their prices are not that high.

The poor man can buy it very easily. These mobiles cost between Rs 15,000 and Rs 30,000. Which a common man can easily buy. We have found the details of some mobiles.

Below we are going to tell you the details of some of these mobiles. In which we will tell you about the price of mobile and its features etc.

Infinix Note 8 Best Cheapest Mobile 2021 | Cheapest Mobiles For Pubg

Infinix Note 8 is a very cute mobile. And it looks so beautiful. And with beauty comes a lot. Infinix Note 8 also has a very good memory.

The memory of this mobile is 128 GB. In which your game can run in a very cute way. Its processor is also much better. Because the processor is very high quality by the company.

There is no risk of your mobile game hanging at all. Also, its battery timing is lovely. The camera of this mobile is shown on one side of the screen.

Seeing which further enhances its beauty. If you charge it once a day, it will last you about 24 hours. 24 hours is a lot, I think. And you can easily get it in Pakistan for around Rs. 28,000. How do you like this mobile phone? Be sure to mention it in the comments.

Vivo Y20 Best Cheapest Mobile 2021 | Cheapest Mobiles For Pubg

Vivo Y20 is a very cute and beautiful mobile It is easily available in the Pakistani market at Rs 23,500 It has 2 colors. It has black, white and silver colors.

If we talk about its battery timing, its battery timing is 5000 mAh. And in its box is a very beautiful charger. This mobile is not hands-free from the beginning.

So there is no need to worry. Also, when it comes to Android, its Android is 10.0 OS. This is Forge Mobile. And as you know,

5G has not come to Pakistan yet. So this mobile phone is available in 4G. The camera of this mobile has been made very beautiful. Inside, there are four cameras. It has an 8-megapixel front camera.

And its back camera is 16 megapixels. It has three cameras. Also, if we talk about its display, its display is 6.5 inches. And it supports a 256 GB memory card.

Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro Best Cheapest Mobile 2021

In addition to this beauty is also a very cheap mobile. There is also a very beautiful mobile. With which you can see the battery of six thousand mAh.

And its battery timing is lovely. In which this game can be played very easily for 24 hours. And this mobile also has 128 GB of memory.

It was launched in the Pakistani market in May 2020. Talking about its price, you can easily get it from the market for Rs 27,000.

Also speaking of its camera, it has a 16-megapixel rear camera and a 16-megapixel front camera. I think you must have loved this mobile. Because the price of this mobile is also very low. You can easily buy it in the market.

Samsung A20 Best Cheapest Mobile 2021

Samsung Mobile has its own thing. Did you know that Samsung launches a lot of cute things in the market? It is considered to be very different from other mobiles.

Talking about Samsung A20, Samsung A20 is a very cute mobile phone. Which was launched in Pakistan in 2020. Its memory RAM is 3GB. And its hard drive is 32 GB.

Also, if we talk about its battery, its battery is 4000 mAh. Which is fixed inside the mobile. And if we talk about its display, its display is 6.4 inches.

And its camera is 13 megapixels. Very good compared to other mobiles. And its front camera is 8 megapixels. It has Android 9.0 OS.

Which is considered to be very powerful compared to ordinary mobiles. With all these features, you can get this mobile phone at a very affordable price. Its price is Rs 28,500.

Real Me C3 Best Cheapest Mobile 2021

Rail MC3 This mobile has three rooms. And it was launched in Pakistan on 19 February 2020. Speaking of its display, its display is 6.5 inches.

And its touch is present in Gorilla Gla***. Therefore, the risk of it breaking is not high. Its Android is 10.0. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. And the players must know that.

Also, it is available in 2 colors. One is Rosen Blue and the other is Ning Red. It also has a finger lock in its sensors. Which works great.

If its fingerprint is applied remotely, its lock starts working. Plus it has 3GB 32GB memory. With them, you can easily buy this mobile in Pakistan for 19000.

Oppo A5s Best Cheapest Mobile 2021

You may have used many cell phones. But you must have used Oppo mobile phone too. So you know, Oppo mobile phones are a special and good mobile.

Oppo Mobile Phone is a very good company. And he recently launched his mobile phone. Its name is Oppo A Five. His camera is very special. And its back camera is 13 megapixels.

And the front camera is 8 megapixels. If we talk about its battery, its battery is 4230 zero mAh. It has four colors. These include red, black, gold, and green.

Speaking of its golden color, it looks very beautiful in it. Most people buy this color. With all these features you will easily find this mobile 20000 in the market.

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