What does one need to pay attention to while preparing a moving to a new apartment with a fresh renovation? Some moving tips mention that unloading and moving certain objects can significantly affect the apartment and it will no longer look attractive. It is also worth considering the mess that can be formed during the relocation, especially if you do not use experienced packers and movers in Los Angeles.

To preserve the beauty of your apartment, protect your hardwood floor, and at the same time carry out the planned move, it is better to rely on the experience of reliable movers and use some tips on protection.

Before moving heavy furniture, you need to lighten it as much as possible, free it from things, and get drawers and shelves out. The wooden floor is carefully swept and washed so that no dirt and dust remain on it. After that, you can start moving.

Cover Your Floor with Rugs and Runners

The first solution for floor protection is a soft wool rug:

  • Thick rugs made of wool are indispensable when moving heavy cabinets, chests of drawers, sofas, and other furniture.
  • If you apply this method, then in the future you will not have to think about how to paint wooden floors damaged during the move.
  • Tilt the cabinet slightly and slip the mats under the legs.
  • Another way to protect the floor is to smear it with soap, paraffin, or wax. These inexpensive products form a thin layer on the surface, providing excellent glide, and no scratch will appear on its surface.

Don’t Drag Furniture – Carry It

The greatest damage to a wood floor occurs because of moving or pushing furniture across the floor. Pushing seems faster than finding someone  among moving companies from the Bay Area to Los Angeles to help you move your furniture, but it is not worth breaking down your hardwood floor. 

It is advisable to lift the furniture from the wooden floor to move it. This will probably require someone’s help and higher moving expenses, but protecting a wood floor is worth it.

Measure Your Furniture and Doorways Beforehand

When you order delivery furniture can be also disassembled by the workers. Think about this fact beforehand and measure the doorways in your old and new apartments. If you disassemble the furniture, you will need more packing supplies, but your floor will be safe.

Hire Movers with the Right Equipment

When you order packing services, movers usually utilize special devices. Furniture conveyors, furniture sliders, tie-down straps, and convenient rolling carts make it much easier to carry heavy objects. Convenient fixtures make it easy and safe for the wooden floor to move cabinets, sofas, chests of drawers, and other large and heavy items.

When thinking about moving to a new apartment, where they have just finished making modern repairs, you need to take into account many factors and packing tips that accompany the process. Many people mistakenly believe that organizing a move is simple and easy. However, it is necessary to focus on the preparation of the premises, which will be the final point of the entire procedure.

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