Sooner or later, all people face the question of general cleaning of the premises, be it an apartment or an office. As a rule, this is preceded by repair, relocation or rent. Such cleaning requires a lot of time and labour that people cannot afford, especially when it comes to the office. This is where a cleaning company comes to the rescue, offering its janitorial services Spokane for a certain amount in monetary terms (as a rule, the amount depends on the area of the room and the degree of pollution).

Criteria for choosing a cleaning company

To get high-quality cleaning, as well as entrust a room or apartment for cleaning, it is important to choose a company with a good reputation. What is the first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing?

  • Solidity and credibility of the company.  Currently, there are a lot of cleaning companies on the market that provide the relevant services. It would be better if you come to the office in person to conclude an agreement and pay attention to it because this is the “face” of the company. The office should be clean and well-equipped, and the age of the company matters.
  • Reviews and recommendations.  Of course, it will be convenient if the cleaning company is recommended by friends who have already applied to it. But “word of mouth” does not always work, and often you have to look for an organization via the Internet. Pay attention to customer reviews, as well as the appearance of the company’s website. It should be beautifully designed and without errors.
  • Equipment.  A decent organization publishes on the site information not only about services but also about the equipment that is being worked on. If there is no such information or the company does not have a web resource, then ask the manager about it. There is nothing reprehensible in this matter, you have the right to know what equipment your room will be cleaned with. A reputable company will not clean the premises with simple household appliances. And also you must provide comprehensive information about cleaning and detergents for cleaning, as well as certificates for them. This is useful to know, even in order to avoid banal allergies. Feel free to elaborate on the details. Remember, after cleaning, live or work in this room – you!
  • The professionalism of the staff.  In a reputable company, all specialists undergo advanced training. It is clear that we know how to wash floors and vacuum everything, but here it is important to know how to properly care for furniture, what means to clean this or that surface, and you should also have experience working with cleaning equipment. In large companies, specialists are issued uniforms with the company logo, special care products and equipment.
  • Variety of services offered.  The range of services offered by the company should be varied: from dry cleaning to washing facades, and the company can also offer cleaning of the external territory – snow removal or tidying up in the yard.
  • Try to look for a company with a larger range of services.  After all, it is better to trust one company than to conclude several contracts with different organizations.
  • Price range.  Try to choose a cleaning company that has an average price range in the market. Keep in mind that prices are usually per square metre. Don’t forget about promotions and bonuses. Often companies offer a range of services at a fairly low price, and you may also be provided with another for the purchase of one service.

What is hidden behind the price of the services provided?

Often we choose a company by comparing only prices, but this approach is not entirely correct. What can a low price mean?

  1. Low prices for services may indicate that the company is not entirely competent.
  2. The company uses inexpensive detergents or low-efficiency equipment.
  3. A low price can be made up of a smaller amount of work.
  4. Insufficient qualification of workers.

We have dealt with the criteria for evaluating a cleaning company, now let’s move on to the main stages of selecting a company that can be trusted to clean the premises without fear.

Step 1.  You have chosen several companies that you could trust with cleaning the premises. Of course, the presence of prices on the site is very convenient, but, as a rule, the estimated price is indicated there. Everything falls into place when communicating with a company specialist. Therefore, it is better to call the selected companies and find out the price and range of services offered.

Step 2.  Call a specialist to your home or office for a reliable a***essment of the full “front of work”. A professional will better understand the condition of the premises and be able to recommend the appropriate type of service. Don’t forget to ask about garbage collection. This moment is especially important after repair or construction.

Step 3 If the conditions suit you, sign a contract. Make sure that there is a claim for damages caused by the use of unsuitable detergents or unprofessional workers.

Step 4.  It is better to meet specialists in person. Make sure they have overalls, special equipment and detergents.

Step 5.  When accepting the completed work and signing the act, pay attention to cleaning hard-to-reach places and difficult surfaces. Feel free to point out outstanding work.

A successful choice of a cleaning company is a guarantee of the cleanliness and safety of the property. Apply the suggestions above and you won’t be disappointed.

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