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How Is Max Verstappen Related To Nelson Piquet? Kelly Piquet Defending Him Rumors

How Is Max Verstappen Associated To Nelson Piquet? Kelly Piquet Defending Him Rumors

Nelson Piquet was being supported by Kelly Piquet, who is known for being Max Verstappen’s girlfriend, and individuals are questioning if they’re a***ociated.

Piquet, a 69-year-old former Method One champion, referred to as Hamilton the N-word in a Brazilian interview from a yr in the past.

When describing the collision between him and Verstappen on the 2021 British Grand Prix, the interview was printed on Tuesday. Kelly liked a relative’s tweet after Nelson referred to as Lewis Hamilton a race slur.

The three-time Method One winner used a derogatory language to insult the British star through the interview, for which he has now apologised.

Nelson Piquet

Nelson Piquet

How Is Max Verstappen Associated To Nelson Piquet?

A relative of Nelson Piquet, Rodrigo Piquet, has defended the three-time F1 world champion after he referred to as Sir Lewis Hamilton a racist epithet.

Kelly Piquet, Max Verstappen’s girlfriend, and Nelson’s daughter each appreciated his social media put up.

Piquet, who’s at the moment going through a suspension from all Method One races, used the n-word to confer with Hamilton in a podcast in November after speaking concerning the collision between him and Verstappen.

Max has been below hearth from livid Method One followers for his silence after Nelson Piquet, the daddy of his a***ociate, insulted Sir Lewis Hamilton in an interview through the use of the N-word.

What Is Up With All The Speak Of Kelly Piquet Standing Up For Him?

Nelson Piquet disparaged Sir Lewis Hamilton in a podcast through the use of an offensive racial slur.

He referred to as Hamilton a “neguinho,” a derogatory epithet, and the trade was recorded in Portuguese.

The video was later uploaded to YouTube in March after being translated into English, sparking an uproar on social media. On Instagram, Rodrigo has made an effort to defend the previous driver.

In a weird article, he a***erted that their second grandma used the n-word to confer with all of us, even saying it was a “phrase of affection” fairly than an insult.

He appears to have determined to make his account personal in response to the fixed barrage of feedback attacking his opinions.

Even supposing Nelson’s daughter Kelly Piquet, 33, praised the add. She has a son with Daniil Kvyat and has dated Verstappen for some time.

Relations with Nelson Piquet’s Father and Household

A former Brazilian racing driver and entrepreneur, Nelson Piquet. Piquet, a three-time World Champion, has been ranked among the many greatest Method One drivers since retiring.

Piquet performed tennis for a short while earlier than giving up the sport. To forestall his father from discovering out about his interest, he then began karting and adjusted his title.

The son of Brazilian surgeon Estácio Gonçalves Souto Maior, Piquet was born on August 17, 1952, in Rio de Janeiro, then Brazil’s capital.

His father moved his household to the brand new capital of Brasilia in 1960 and was appointed Minister of Well being in Joo Goulart’s administration.

Alexis, Geraldo, and Genusa had been Piquet’s two brothers and sister. The youngest of the siblings was Piquet.


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