How did Hero Tito die and what was his cause of death? Boxer dead after KO in the fight: Boxing and wrestling are ancient sports that are highly played and watched by people. The craze of this sport is always on a high level. However, the boxing world is currently mourning the demise of a popular Indonesia boxer Hero Tito. Ever since the pa***ing news of Hero Tito surfaced on the web the entire social media platforms filled with condolences and tributes messages. The whose birth name is Heru Purwanto has tragically pa***ed away at the age of 35 just weeks after his knockout loss to James Mokoginta. Follow More Update On

Hero Tito

How did Hero Tito die?

Purwanto fell into a coma following his loss by countryman Mokoginta in their Indonesian lightweight title bout on 27th February. With just over a minute left in the 7th round of their rematch, Mokoginta landed a vicious uppercut that laid out Purwanto on the canvas. Purwanto was given a count by the referee but was still badly hurt and not able to get back to his feet. He then fell back down to the canvas as the fight was waved off.

The medical staff entered the ring after Purwanto was down for many minutes prior to being taken out on a stretcher as his rival Mokoginta started to look concerned. He was instantly taken to the local hospital after the loss where doctors attempted to save his life, but Purwanto suddenly pa***ed away on 7th March after spending a week in a coma. Rosa Kusuma, the boxing promoter of Purwanto issued a statement on behalf of his wife, Didin Nurul Wijayanti that read: “She thanks all the boxing people who always give prayers and support for Hero Tito. Thank you for all your kindness to us and our family.”

Hero Tito Cause of Death

Purwanto was planning to fight in Australia this weekend and was advised to not participate against Mokoginta, but he insisted he required the £1,300 prize money to aid build a house for his family. Kusuma informed VOI that “He did not budge, because he reasoned that he required money to build his house. Apart from that, as per him, the match in Australia will only be 6 rounds, so he considers it to be something that is not too heavy.” The construction of his house was only, in the beginning, staged prior to his pa***ing, but his promoter Kusuma disclosed that money made from his fight will be used to aid finish building the house.

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