Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah Tiktok Star Bio, Age, Wiki, Scandal, Id: She completed her Master’s and then took admission in M.Phil. Which she is currently following. When did someone ask him that What does she like to do? So Hareem Shah replied that she likes to Outing. See Hareem Shah Tiktok Star Bio, Age, Wiki, Sandal, Id, And Much More.

Hareem Shah Tiktok Star Bio, Age, Wiki, Scandal, Id

Name:Hareem Shah
In Urdu:حریم شاہ
Real Name:Fizza Hussain
Famous As:TikToker
ProfessionTik Tok Star, Television producer
Years Active:2020-present
BornDate Adress
Date:28th December 1991
Parents:Syed Zaraar Hussain Shah
Siblings :4 sisters and 3 brother
Relatives:Her Aunt is Ex Senator
Total Age29 Years

Hareem shah Political Affiliation:

Politically, she is an admirer of Wazir-e-Azam Imran Khan, due to which more pictures of Hareem Shah are known on social media. Where she has been seen with Imran Khan, Jahangir Tareen, Fawad Chaudhry and other people of Pti.
Regarding his affiliation with PTI, he said that he himself was a big supporter of PTI and had been associated with the party. This gave me the opportunity to meet the leaf leaders and make short videos.

Hareem shah Scandals:

Hareem-Shah-with-Imran-Khan Phoosi.com

Hareem Shah was famous for what his ghouls did Personalities include Fayaz Al Hassan Chauhan and Mubashir Lakman.

Hareem Shah With Mubashir Luqman

She appeared in the media and faced blackness after sharing a photo and video of a government official. Some people think that the Prime Minister is the Secretariat, but Prime Minister Dr. Arsalan Khalid The focal person revealed that this is not the Prime Minister’s Secretariat but the Foreign Office building.

Hareem Shah

People criticized that it is a high security trust where access is limited. He claimed that Hareem Shah’s visit was not only a security breach but also a decoration joke.
After the confession, Haram Shah revealed that he was suspended and allowed to go to the office.But he refused to reveal the identity that allowed him to do so. Hareem shah model | Hareem shah contact number

Hareem Shah Tiktok Star Biography

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