Greedy Mutton Seller Story

Greedy Mutton Seller Story | Moral Stories

Greedy Mutton Seller Story | Moral Stories: Hello friends, my name is Sidra Malik and you are seeing Friends, as you know, we bring something new every day for you to have a good time. So today we bring you the story of a Greedy Greedy Mutton Seller man who is greedy and what is the punishment for it?

Greedy Mutton Seller Story | Moral Stories

Once upon a time there was a man named Chhallo who lived in a village. He used to save haraam animal meat by making it halal. And people used to consider him as a halal animal and used to take meat from him. Everyone had a lot of feet, once, but a butcher named Phollo came to that butcher.

Phollo said with Butcher:

Chulu bro, give me a meat of 1 kg of mutton.

Chullu butcher spoke:
Brother, well, today I have come to get 1 kg of meat. Be very happy. The one who takes meat in 1 month, is allowed to take 1 kg of meat today.

Phollo said:
Those dead friends are coming to see me today from afar. So I thought, do their Mattan Karhi Say feast today. And my wife also appreciates your meat.
Chullu butcher gave him 1 kg of Mattan, and he went to his house after taking the meat of Mattan.

One of the butcher’s disciples said to his teacher:
Teacher, you are not doing well. You avoid dog meat by calling people halal animal meat. You are feeding them haraam in the greed of money. And one day you will get very bad and you will regret a lot.

Chullu butcher spoke:

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If I give them goat meat every day, I will not make any profit at all. And I get a lot of profit from this meat. If you want to do this, do it. Otherwise quit work.
Hearing this, his disciple became silent and began to do his work.

Here, follow the house and if he gives meat to his wife, then his wife says:
Kiya, have you brought this secret from Chullu Bro?

So say her husband:

Yes this meat I brought from chullu butcher.

So his wife quote:

Then it will be very tasty. I make this mattan karhai. Made very lazy.
And his wife goes to the kitchen of the meat of that meat and starts to make a Karahi.
Phollo friends also come to his house so much And that Mattan Karhi is placed in front of them. If her friend eats Mattan Karhi, he praises her very much. She says that she is very tasty in the hands of her sister-in-law, today she has fun and goes to her house.

Here chullu speaks to his disciple at his shop.

Dude today I have brought a meat of real goat. Today find a dog everywhere but have not found anywhere. And if I take a real goat from the market, I will be very much hurt today.

Chullo’s student said:

Come on teacher, today people will also get a chance to eat halal food under any pretext With that he settled into his work.

A few days later, phollo’s friends call and call phollo again and say:

Pollo, feed us the same text frying pan that you made for us that day. It was so delicious. Dude, we’re coming today.

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So Phollo said:
Ok dude you go and i bring goods from the market. She told his wife: If my friend is an aura again today, then make the same mutton curry today. I buy meat from the market.

Phollo’s wife bid:

I told you that its meat is very tasty. So whoever eats it does not live without admiration.

Phollo said:
Ok ok thank you less i will bring the goods. And you prepare in the kitchen to make Mattan. And he comes to the chullu to take the meat.

Phollo: Chulu Bro, make 1 piece of meat.
Chullu: Brother today, the square will be 700 rupees (Why did he have to goat the goat that day and he did not get the dog that day) Tell me if you want to take


Ok bro ok If you make meat, I will give you only seven hundred rupees Hearing this turns it into meat. And he goes home with the meat. And he says to his wife: That they prepare the meat quickly. His friend will be coming soon. So much so that phollo’s friends arrive home. And Phollo’s wife puts a frying pan of goat meat in front of him.

As soon as his friend eats the text pan, he immediately starts spitting and says:
It tastes very bad. Thu thu Better than that, you don’t even speak to us today We don’t eat it well karahi And went away angry.

Then phollo angrily goes to the butcher and says:

You haven’t given us so much dirty meat today. You insulted me today. There are other people arguing with butcher. And there’s a cop standing there The policeman says:
That he gave me the same dirty meat today. I have come for this too.

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Seeing the policewoman, the butcher’s disciple said nervously:

Sir, this is really goat meat Before that, the teacher used to save meat It was dog meat. The teacher did not find the dog today That is why the teacher has made goat meat today. Hearing this, phollo spoke:

This means that we have been feeding dog meat for so many days. And now we do not like halal meat after eating haram meat. Telling this, phollo told the police ring Let’s arrest it Arresting his and taking his to the police station and beating him up a lot.

Greedy Mutton Seller Story In Hindi/Urdu | Moral Story

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