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Furqan Baloch TikTok Star Biography, Wiki, Age, Address, Girlfriends, Earning, Age, and much more information. Who is Furqan Bloch no one know but keep in mind in the feature he will become a big talented boy and TikTok Star. Now we will talk about Furqan Bloch TikTok Star.

Furqan Baloch TikTok Star Biography

He is very genius kind of person and Furqan Baloch belongs in a Poor family. he is from Multan and his pa***ion is TikTok. from 1 Year furqan Baloch is trying to show something interesting to the world. His age is 20 Years. If we look to his Family then his family is middle cla***. They are five brothers and he is the smallest brother then all.

Furqan Bloch Age, family, and House

Furqan Bloch age is 20 Years. He was born in Multan, Cant, Pakistan and in a Poor family. When he regained consciousness, the ghost of becoming a star was riding in him. Because he belongs from a poor family so, he did not bring himself into the film industry. If you watch his funny videos then you will start following him and watching more entertainment Videos.

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All of Furqan’s brothers work hard, but he didn’t want them to live like him. Furqan Baloch is not well-educated and does not even know how to write messages on his mobile. Many people fall in love with her style on TikTak and this is one of the reasons why he is famous

By the 25 November 2020, he had 1163 Followers on TikTok and it is the best fortune to rise as a TikTok Star. He is a Baloch and in the Multan, many people know him by the nickname “Bloch“. He makes many Videos with his Cousin Haider Ali.

Haider Ali is smallest then furqan but he interest to the long drive, make videos, and pictures and become a Star similar Furqan Bloch. Here is a Picture where Furqan Bloch and Haider Ali Qureshi are together for taking the picture. Haider Ali age is 17 Years and he goes to college.

Furqan Bloch Future, Thinks, GirlFriends

Furqan Bloch thinks that a girl can change life but if we make our future before marriage then it is the best chance to live success and happy life. So, he didn’t think about any Girlfriend. He is a very honest man. I think you must give a chance to come into Entertainment life. Here are complete details of Furqan Bloch in the below table.

Full Name Muhammad Furqan
Age 20 Years
Birthday 11 October 2000
Family Baloch Family
Education Middle
Drinks Not
Earning $1k
TikTok ID
Facebook ID
Currently Work TikTok
Address Multan, Pakistan

He worked for a while at a utility store in Karachi and used his earnings to buy an iPhone. His mission to buy an iPhone was to make funny and best entertainment videos. He do very hard work in 2018 and after starting and making the videos on TikTok he became a famous person in Multan. Now, many people from other cities came here to shooting, capture the images with him.

He likes Sweet, and mostly he eat Zinger burger. He likes travel and he do many travels in his life with his cousin Haider Ali. If you want to know more information about Haider then wait we will publish here very soon.

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