Thiruvananthapuram: Two previous excellence expo victors – 2019 Miss Kerala Ansi Kabeer, 25, and second place Dr. Anjana Shajan, 26 – were killed in an awful auto accident on Monday, the police said.

Two men who were likewise in the Ford Figo vehicle with one of the driving were fundamentally harmed and are in the clinic, they said.

The occurrence occurred in the early hours when the driver was speeding on a parkway in Kochi and crashed into a tree, as indicated by the police.

Former Miss Kerala, Runner-Up Killed In Car Accident In Kochi

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The driver might have let completely go attempting to evade a bike in its manner albeit the riders were hit and experienced minor wounds, reports said.

Both Ansi Kabeer and Dr. Anjana Shajan were pronounced carried dead to the emergency clinic Visuals from the scene showed the hatchback vehicle gravely damaged in indications of how serious the effect was.

The harm was entirely terrible, to the point that the police said they have not had the option to take out the reports from the glove compartment.

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