Top 10 Most Expensive Things in the World | Amazing information

World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Things In The World, there is an ancient saying that happiness cannot be bought with wealth. This is also true to some extent. But in this modern age of ostentation man can be somewhat happy by buying expensive things. (World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Things | Amazing Information).

Top 10 Most Expensive Things in the World | Amazing information

There are many things in life that we use on a daily basis, but there are many things that the average person cannot buy. We will tell you about some of these things in this topic today. That these trivial things can cost so much.

No 10: Huia Bird

A bird that became extinct in 1997. But this bird still sells at a very high price. At an auction in 2010, an unknown person bought one of the Huawei Bird’s tails for 10,000 $. Which makes it one of the most valuable in the world.

No 09: Toilet Paper

An Australian company sells toilet paper made of gold. This roll, made from gold paper, sells for 3 1,038 million. It is considered safe for use.

No 08: Ice Cubes

A California company makes luxury cabs. It is molded into a perfect square by hand. These 50 cubes cost 625 Doller.

No 07: Pule Cheese

The world’s most expensive cheese is not obtained from cows or goats. You will find it strange to hear that it is derived from donkeys, that the pavilion thing is derived from the Balkan donkeys. It costs 600 $ a pound. And it’s not even found in the commercial market.

No 06: Content Lens

A pair of content lenses made in India costs 15,000 Doller. It has 18 diamonds on a gold plate.

No 05: Keyboard

The most expensive keyboard in Japan is 4240 dollars. And its price is almost one of the most expensive keyboards in the world. It has gold wires inside, which makes it very valuable

No 04: Tea Pack

On the occasion of Rukband’s 75th birthday, Pigtops bought a T-pack worth 14,000$. This pack contained 280 diamonds.

No 03: Cell Phone Number

The most expensive cell phone number in the world is 6666-666, this cell phone number was sold in 2800000. The number was purchased in 2006 for a charity in Qatar. Dear friends, let me tell you that earlier the record of this cell phone number was with the Chinese number 88-88-88-88. Which was sealed at 218,000 dollars.

No 01: School

Switzerland Ke Institut le Rosey of yearly fees is 3000500 Doller.
There are 400 students in this school. Who has 90 teachers? In addition to teachers, the school has more than 200 staff.

World’s Top 10 Expensive Things | Amazing information

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