English Television Presenter Phillip Schofield’s Brother Accused of Child $ex Crimes

Phillip Schofield

Timothy Schofield, the younger brother of popular English television presenter, Phillip Schofield has become a topic of discussion on social media after he was charged with 11 counts of sexual offenses against a schoolboy. Timothy’s younger brother stood trial in a crown court on this Monday, March 27, 2023, for charges related to the abuse of a teenage boy over the course of three years that was beginning in October 2016. Now, the news has become a vast headline on every single new channel across the world and everyone is talking about this matter. Let’s find out what happened with the teenage boy and how did it happen.

Phillip Schofield's

According to the sources,  Timothy Schofield all the charges, and is alleged to have committed the offenses while working for Avon and Somerset Police. As per the reports, Timothy was accused of causing the teen boy in question to “engage in and watch sex acts”. Later, Timothy was seen wearing a grey shirt and reached Exeter Crown Court and when the charges were being read out, he have shaken his head. Jurors heard on Monday that Timothy was confronted by the alleged victim in 2021. Keep reading to know more details of the case.

Phillip Schofield’s Brother Accused of Child $ex

One charge involves an s3x act with the teenage boy. Still, the identification of the teenage boy has not been revealed yet due to privacy concerns. The other charge included allegedly forcing the teenager to watch p#rnography videos and watch him while he “engaged in a sexual activity”. The offense took place between 2016 and 2019, say reports.

Timothy Schofield, a member of the civilian police force, showed up to court with a baseball cap and an open-necked shirt. According to reports, Schofield allegedly committed the crimes while employed by the Avon and Somerset Police. Pete Stellard, Prosecutor said,” The defendant is seven years younger than Phillip and they had not been particularly close growing up, however in December 2019 the defendant told his brother he was gay”.

He continued,” his brother would hate him for what he was about to say, his brother said that he wouldn’t, and then the defendant said he had their time together and that last year they had watched p#rn and w***** together”. Many more details have not been shared online but the sources are claiming that the charges have been proved. But there is no official statement released yet. Keep in touch with us to know more about the latest updates.

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