DG Khan Video Scandal Tuition Academy

Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab where a well-known private educational cost foundation DG Khan Tuition Academy has been caught in outrage of rape cases. A portion of the video cuts is surfing via online media after it was spilled and police have likewise recuperated 20 more s**ual recordings in a s** outrage instance of a private institute in Dera Ghazi Khan.

DG Khan Scandel Video

The police have captured one presume who was likewise engaged with this case. In the embarra***ment of the DG Khan Tuition Academy Scandal Video, the suspect of this case who has been recognized by police as Javed has been captured and the police sources say that he was running this foundation beginning around 2012.

DG Khan Video Scandal Tuition Academy

The specialists are a***erting that they have recognized the primary suspect of this outrage and the individuals who are engaged with this horrendous occurrence will be caught by the police soon. The examination has been now started and police are putting resources into each piece of information identified with this case.

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One of the area cops conversed with ARY News after the video became a web sensation on the Internet and was watched by a huge number of individuals. Be that as it may, later, the video was taken out from a few sites yet a few locales are as yet accessible on the Internet which is consistently sharing these recordings. Alongside this, individuals are looking for the video on Telegram and a lot more stages.

Dg khan tuition academy scandal

As indicated by the police sources, they have distinguished three segments in the educational cost institute where the rape video was recorded with secret cameras. The presume who has been captured in this video uncovered that he used to extort those young ladies to get favors from them subsequent to shooting their recordings through secret cameras. Afterward, the police additionally added that the video has been sent for legal investigation to confirm its genuineness.

DG Khan Tuition Academy Videos

Not just the recordings of understudies became a web sensation via web-based media however the police additionally observed some to be educators’ recordings in the institute during their examination and discovered in excess of 20 recordings right now that were recorded by police.

Police are additionally accepting that there are a lot more guilty parties for this situation who are completely involved and still they are out from the hands of police. However, they are clearing that every one of the guilty parties will be captured during the examination.

The body of evidence has been enlisted against every one of them and soon, they will be rebuffed by the court. Numerous rape cases are coming into the features throughout the previous few years in which the video was recorded by stowed-away cameras.

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