CNG stations in Sindh to remain closed for 10 days

KARACHI: The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) on Friday declared compacted gaseous petrol (CNG) stations across Sindh would stay shut for 10 days.

The gas supply organization, in an a***ertion, said the stations would close at 8 am October 16 (Saturday) and are planned to open at 8 pm October 25 (Monday) — a move that will attract scores to fuel siphons in the following, not many hours.

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“The wonder of decreased gas supplies is fundamental because of supply issues from gas fields claimed by investigation and creation organizations,” an a***ertion from the SSGC said.

“The organization […] gives a primary goal to homegrown and business clients by guaranteeing unhindered gas supplies to them. SSGC’s center has consistently been to proactively decrease burden looked by its clients by guaranteeing economical gas supplies,” the a***ertion added.

  • The stations will close at 8 am on October 16.
  • They are planned to open at 8 pm, October 25.
  • SSGC intends to keep up with gas supply to clients.

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