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“I really feel he tried to take my class on the target.” JC acknowledged that Mr Dawson bought her a backpack and would put love letters in it. “As soon as I went to biology class, he would put notes of affection and affection in my bag, and he knew the place my classroom was,” she acknowledged.

Crown prosecutor Craig Everson knowledgeable the court docket docket that “Snug birthday XXX” was written on certainly one of many notes that JC acquired on her seventeenth birthday.

Others say, “Valentine, I actually such as you XXX endlessly” and “The happiest birthday with all my love, XXX.”

One different choice to say it: “Merry Christmas. Every minute, just a few instances. Always love. God.”

“He wished to cowl who he was because of it was 1980 and I was 16 and that’s what he known as himself,” JC acknowledged when requested why Mr. Dawson signed the cardboard as “God.”

In 1981, when JC was in her remaining yr of highschool, she lived with the Dawsons for a while as a babysitter.

She knowledgeable the court docket docket that when she was staying with the family in Bayview, Mr. Dawson would give Ms. Dawson alcoholic drinks so Lynette would fall asleep they often may need intercourse.

She was lastly knowledgeable off by Ms. Dawson, and she or he wanted to switch into the home of Mr. Dawson’s brother.

“Ms. Dawson acknowledged you’ve got been mistreating my husband,” JC knowledgeable her.

“She found that there was further taking place.”

Mr. Dawson left his family on the end of December 1981 to maneuver to Queensland with the scholar and “start a model new life.”

Nonetheless 4 days later, that they had been once more in Sydney, and he went once more to dwell alongside together with his family. The next month, Lynette went missing.

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