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Century-starting decades – 7 Little Words

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7 Little Phrases is a puzzle sport that has a every day puzzle, together with bonus puzzles, that could be a enjoyable sport to play that doesn’t take up an excessive amount of of your time. There are seven clues supplied, the place the clue describes a phrase, after which there are 20 completely different partial phrases (two to 3 letters) that may be joined collectively to create the solutions. When you’re on the lookout for the reply to the 7 Little Phrases clue Century-starting many years, we have now the reply under.

Century-starting many years 7 Little Phrases Reply

When you’ve been making an attempt to place collectively phrases and are developing empty for the 7 Little Phrases clue Century-starting many years in right now’s puzzle, right here is the reply!

Often, some clues could also be used greater than as soon as, so test for the letter size if there are a number of solutions above as that’s often how they’re distinguished or else by what letters can be found in right now’s puzzle.

Clue & Reply Definitions

  • AUGHTS (noun)
    1. a amount of no significance.
  • DECADES (noun)
    1. the cardinal quantity that’s the sum of 9 and one; the bottom of the decimal system.
    2. a interval of 10 years.

Right now’s 7 Little Phrases Solutions

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