Buddhism 101: Jonah Engler 17's Guide to Practices and Mistakes

Buddhism 101: Jonah Engler 17’s Guide to Practices and Mistakes

Buddhism 101: Jonah Engler 17’s Guide to Practices and Mistakes: Buddhism has over 500 million followers and believers all around the world. It is one of the oldest religions and has a certain set of beliefs. Jonah Engler thinks these beliefs can assist you in understanding what Buddhism stands for.

Buddhism is a spiritual religion that originated in ancient Nepal over 2000 years ago. This happened when a man sat to meditate under the shade of a Bodhi tree. It is where he became enlightened, and Buddhism was born. 

Even today, there are several contrasting views on the practices to follow and avoid in Buddhism. Read on to learn more about Buddhism and its proper practices!

Jonah Engler’s Brief Guide to the Right and Wrong Practices in Buddhism

According to Jonah Engler, here are some of the most popular right and wrong practices that you need to keep in mind:

Never Believe Everything that You Hear

Buddha advised all believers to do good deeds and avoid all mistakes to purify their minds. Buddhism and its beliefs clearly instruct followers not to believe everything they hear or see, says Jonah Engler.

Even if something appears in one of the ten Kalama Suttas, you need not believe it until you have verified it. Believers should think about it over and over to develop their own distinct perspective of everything.

“Hold Buddha RupaIn High Regard” – Says Jonah Engler

Please treat the Buddha Rupa with respect and care, suggests Jonah Engler. A Buddha Rupa with a picture of the Buddha is significantly superior. Buddhists revere the Buddha and appreciate anything associated with him. When keeping a Buddha Rupa, place it on a high surface, such as a shelf or table. It should be at least on eye level for children.

Handle the Buddha Rupawith with two hands and ensure that no harm comes to it in any way. Other objects and displays should be kept away from the Buddha Rupa.

Always Keep the Belief of Four Noble Truths in Mind

The Four Noble Truths are at the heart of Buddha’s teachings. However, they leave many unsolved questions and believers usually get confused. These beliefs are about how Buddhists need to perceive and learn from their sufferings. 

As per Jonah Engler, if we put it another way, suffering:

  • Exists
  • Has a cause
  • Has an end
  • And a solution that will bring about its end

Suffering is designed to convey a realistic approach to coping with the world as it is. Buddhism preaches that followers need to seek a way to end it, rather than having a gloomy outlook on life.

Parting Remarks

Buddhism is easily one of the most ancient religions in the world. However, as its believers and followers increase, so do the contrary beliefs and notions among followers. Jonah Engler has come up with some of the most essential clarifications that every new follower needs to keep in mind and follow. Let us know if this helped you with how you perceive Buddhism as a religion. 

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