Bruce Springsteen Falls on Stage in Amsterdam Concert Video Goes Viral on Internet

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is currently getting a lot of attention on news channels. There is a piece of news shared that he falls on stage during a concert and this news is running on the top of the internet and social media platforms. He is an American singer and songwriter and has a large number of fans around the world. This news attracts the interest of many of his fans and they are curious to know more about this falling incident. Let us know the complete details about this matter and also talk more about him in this article, so read continuously and completely.

Bruce Springsteen

It is shared that he took a great tumble on his way to the stage during his Amsterdam concert. This falling incident took place on Saturday 27 May 2023 and he fell while climbing the steps following fans gasped. As per the reports, he rolled onto his back and lay on the floor with his guitar still in hand just and his team immediately rushed to put him on his feet. However, two of the concerned workers pulled him back and help him. Fortunately, he remains unaffected by the falling incident and he made a smile on his face. Scroll down to know more about himself.

Bruce Springsteen Falls on Stage in Amsterdam

As per the reports, he is currently on a world tour. He is singing his popular song on his world tour and winning the heart of thier fans. His world tour is ongoing with E Street Band and it is part of the 2023 tour that includes 37 shows in 32 locations. As per the sources, it is shared that the next tour venues on the list include Landgraaf, Netherlands, Zurich, Switzerland, and Birmingham, UK.

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen is his complete name but he is mostly known as Bruce Springsteen around the world. He was born on 23 September 1949 in Long Branch, New Jersey, U.S. and he is currently 73 years old. He is a popular American singer and he is also known as a songwriter and musician. He gathered a lot of popularity for playing guitar and singing. If we talk about his personal life then he got married two times and he is the father of three children. He is receiving so much attention after falling while climbing on his way to the stage and many of his fans are sharing thier reactions on social media pages by commenting and posting. Stay linked to to get more articles.

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