Bipasha Basu's Real-Life Story In Mukesh Mill

Bipasha Basu’s Real-Life Story In Mukesh Mill

Bipasha Basu’s real life story in Mukesh Mill:Hello friends, welcome back to Salaf Sedrah Malik and So today I am going to tell you a new story (Bipasha Basu’s real-life story in Mukesh Mill). Which one of our subscribers sent us. These are their requests to tell their story to everyone

Bipasha Basu’s real-life story in Mukesh Mill


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Voices in the middle of the night at Mukesh Mill

Ghost Phantom Shadow Witch Whether you believe it or not, you can’t completely challenge their status.

The truth is that only those who feel it know it. So this is the story of a ghost of Mukesh Mill. You must have heard many stories of being a State Mill in Mumbai. But today we tell you a story that happened with Bipasha Basu.

Sin movie shooting

Some scenes were shot at the Mukesh Mill during the shooting of the film Sin. But they didn’t feel right on the set. Every now and then he felt like he was an Adisha Shakti. Everyone who went there was not being shot and no dialogue was being remembered. After 5 days, a girl on the set started behaving strangely.

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Bipasha Basu’s real life story in Mukesh Mill

And a few days later a news came from the hospital that the girl had died. After the death of the girl, the whole team decided to finish the shoot as soon as possible, but a few days later when Bipasha Basu was giving scenes and dialogue inside the mill. So show them something there that later appeared in the camera.

The shadow of Mukesh Mills’ ghost

He was the shadow of Mukesh Millal’s ghost. After seeing which, the shoot was canceled from there. And that movie was shot elsewhere. But it took many years to make this film.

The original story of Bipasha Basu

Because while making this film, the actress did not come out of shock after seeing the accident that happened in Mukesh Mill. Nor did any actor or the whole team really wonder if something like this would happen in the event itself. What happened was a ghost in this mill. Which he saw that day.

Even today, people there say that they hear the voices of the people running the factory and the owner of the Mukesh Mill. No one passes by this place. That place has been closed since that day. The gates there are closed and no one is allowed to go there.

Mukesh Mills Full story in Urdu and Hindi

No one can go to this place, neither for the shoot nor for anything else. A lot of photographers came there after the accident but they didn’t know where they went. Even today, there are complaints from their families, but nothing is known about them. Anyone who went to the mill after the accident did not return.

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