Bill Gates’ daughter marries Egyptian man

Jennifer, the eldest daughter of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world, has married his Egyptian fiance Nile Nasr.

Al-Arabiya reports that the couple tied the knot first in a secret Muslim ceremony and then in a public ceremony in New York on October 16.

Rural roads were closed during the ceremony, which cost millions for the wedding.

The event was held at Jennifer’s Westchester Horse Farm and was attended by hundreds of guests.

At the same place, first the wedding ceremonies were performed in private and then the feast was held.

Reports of an affair between Bill Gates’ daughter and an Egyptian Muslim teenager surfaced in 2017, when it was rumored that the two would soon be married.

However, their marriage was not possible due to Jennifer Gates’ master’s degree, but the two remained very close during this period and were seen romancing each other.

The two share their photos together; Photo: Instagram
The two were engaged in January 2020 and this was confirmed through Instagram posts.

Jennifer Gates shared a romantic photo with her fianc in a snow-covered area and wrote that she would accept Nile Nasr’s offer a million times and that she was the best person and first choice for her.

Also, Raed It:

Niall Nasr also shared photos taken during the engagement with Jennifer Gates in which Bill Gates’ daughter can be seen with the ring.

It should be noted that Niall Nasr’s parents run an Arctic company in the Arab country of Kuwait. They moved to Kuwait from Egypt three decades ago for business purposes.

Niall Nasr was born in the United States but grew up in Kuwait and received her higher education in the United States.

Niall Nasr and Jennifer Gates have a master’s degree from Stanford University in the United States, an Egyptian young man in 2013 and Jennifer Gates in 2018 and both have a pa***ion for horse riding.

In September 2021, Jennifer Gates shared photos of the start of the wedding ceremony on Instagram, hosted by Melinda Gates.

Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates divorced after 27 years of marriage in August 2021 after being approved by a judge.

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