Best Restaurants In River North Chicago

In River North, you either love it or hate it. You’re not happy about it. The food is excellent. For those who like observing others, this is a terrific place to be.

In this district, there are a lot of stressed-out entrepreneurs and gleefully intoxicated tourists, as well as the most incredible views of the river and the worst odours in the city, all within a few blocks. Restaurants in Chicago’s River North neighbourhood are some of our favourites. With all the posh steakhouses, Italian meat restaurants, and hyped-up party locations to choose from, our guide is here to help you make a decision.

So without delay, let’s check out the best restaurants in the River North neighbourhood of Chicago.

Bavette’s Bar and Beef

Our favourite Chicago steakhouse is Bavettes. It’s first and foremost because this steakhouse has the most excellent steak in the area. As a result of the speakeasy ambience and 1920s jazz music, as well as the fact that you may dine here without ordering a steak and yet have a wonderful dinner, the restaurant is an excellent alternative to your typical Chicago steakhouse.

It would help if you still had a steak, buttery mashed potatoes, and truffle mac & cheese that’s so good, you may as well get a defibrillator with your dinner.

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This informal Spanish restaurant, which first debuted in Washington, D.C., in 1993, now has five locations, the latest of which is Chicago, and the bustling, well-lit setting may remind you of a chain restaurant. As a result of the attentive service and delicious meal, that worry will quickly disappear.

Among the options on the menu are tapas, sangrias, paellas, and a wide selection of Spanish wines and liquors. The audience, despite being a mix of visitors, seemed to be having a good time. Even if you’re in a bad attitude when you arrive, you’ll quickly become one of them. It’s a terrific place to dine and drink before heading out in the city or if you want to have a quiet night home with friends.

Ciccio Mio

From the same crew as Bavette’s and Gilt, Ciccio Mio is an Italian restaurant. It’s precisely in the middle between the two, and the cuisine is always fantastic, too. Everything from the phyllo-wrapped cheese to the crunchy chicken parmesan is lovely at this Italian restaurant. Furthermore, the dining area (packed with old-fashioned photos) resembles a murder mystery party, but here you may choose your fictitious character.

Steak & Stone

Joe’s, which hails from Miami, is now a Chicago institution. For a cla***ic steakhouse menu, this establishment does a beautiful job of integrating stone crabs into the mix. As expected, you’ll find all the steakhouse trimmings you’d expect, like potatoes and creamed spinach, but you’ll also discover seasonal seafood and shellfish. Joe illustrates that steak and stone crabs are the ultimate combinations of sea and land.

Cook’s Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Because it’s located in the basement of an office building that houses big firms and successful-looking individuals in power suits, eating here generally seems like a corporate excursion. There’s a great view of the Chicago River, and the cuisine (particularly prime rib) is fantastic. Whether you’re a high-flying exec or a regular Joe, your 312 Instagram followers see you as a star, so this is a terrific venue for a celebration lunch.


Sunda is a place where you either love it or hate it since it may be a tourist trap at night or on the weekends. We believe that Sunda is a terrific place to dine, even though it’s practically a scene. You won’t be disappointed by anything from the duck fried rice to the pork buns to the sushi (particularly the rolls).

To sum it up

We’ve covered a few of the most excellent restaurants in River North Chicago in this post. We hope you’ll discover something you like on this list.

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