Atif Aslam With His Wife

Sara Bharwana, the wife of renowned singer Atif Aslam, captured the hearts of her fans by capturing her Instagram, sharing her photo with her husband, and wishing her a unique birthday.

Sara Bharwana shared a photo of herself in a black dress on Atif Aslam’s Instagram, calling her husband the most unique, lovely, and beautiful man.

After reading Sarah Bharwana’s unique and romantic post on her husband’s Instagram, although many people were pleasantly surprised at first, they soon found out that the post was actually made by his wife and not by the singer.

The singer’s wife shared a photo with her husband and wished him a happy birthday and claimed that she has never seen a loving person like Atif Aslam.

Sara Bharwana also wrote that Atif Aslam’s decision to marry her proved to be right.

Addressing her husband, she wrote that she loves him and at the same time called him the most beautiful person in the world.

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Dozens of people commented on her husband’s post on Instagram, wishing them well and calling their pair the best.

Sara Bharwana and Atif Aslam both share photos together on Instagram while the duo has also been well-liked.

The two were married in 2013 and their first son, Uhud, was born the following year.

The couple had their second son in December 2019.

On the eighth wedding anniversary on March 28 this year, Atif Aslam shared a beautiful photo with his wife and not only congratulated her but also expressed his love for her and called her an integral part of life.

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