Anupama Written Update 21 May 2023: Today’s Episode

Anupama Full Episode

We are before you with a fresh episode of ‘Anupama’ The recent moves in the episode are surprising to the viewers. We are sharing the details of all the events of today’s episode to update our viewers. As the series is going great and presenting the surprising events before the audience so we are updating the information of today’s episode. Let’s dive into today’s journey of the episode.

Anupama Full Episode

If we talk about the recap, the events were about how Maaya insisted Anuj to move to Kapadia House but Anuj refused. Hasmukh also went to Anuj to have a talk but Anuj denied to say anything to him also. Anupama overheard the conversation between Anuj and Hasmukh.In the next scene, other characters were busy with party preparations and Anuj went to Anupama to say something but Maaya desperately interrupted and took him away.

Anupama Written Update 21 May 2023

In today’s episode, Maya is looking very nervous when she finds Anuj talking to Anupama. As she witnesses Anuj and Anupama alone she pretends to be fainting. Anuj takes Maya away and tries to calm her down and tells her to take deep breaths. Maya in desperation asks Anuj if will she leave her and go back to Anupama. Hasmukh ask Anuj if she fine. Anuj assures him that nothing to worry about.

Anupama stands still after watching this. Maya requests Anuj to take her to their house Kapadia mansion so that she feels better. Vanraj also insist on Anuj to take Maya, so Anuj decided to take her back. Vanraj asks Anupama if she will stay in the Shah house. Anupama replied firmly that she will go to her house. Anupama is also shocked when Choti Anu calls Maya her mother.

In the next scene, Barkha messages Vanraj and asks if Anuj has revealed the truth to Anupama, but Vanraj denied that. After reaching the Kapadia Mansion, Choti Anu is very excited that she may get the chance to play with Pakhi. But Barkha informs that Pakhi has gone to her friend’s wedding. Anuj starts dreaming about Anupama. Choti Anu interrupts his moment, bringing Anuj back to reality.

Barkha asks Maya if she will sleep in the guest room or with Anuj in his room. She asked Maya as she wanted to remove Anupama’s belongings from the room before Maya approaches the room. But Anuj intervenes and said that Maya would stay in the living room. On the other side, Anupama enters her home with a heavy heart thinking about how Anuj can take Maya to the same Kapadia mansion.

She realizes that Anuj wants to tell her something and Maya interrupts and doesn’t allow him to say something. Anuj also apologises to Anupama in his heart and falls onto the bed. On the next day, everyone is discussing the sangeet function. In the next scene, Kavya enters for the wedding functions and Anupama suggests that they can have a fantastic performance. Kavya denies it as she can’t dance that night. Everyone insists her to stay for all the wedding functions except Vanraj who suggests all not to force her. This was all in this episode. We will be sharing with you the next episode so stay tuned.

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