Watch: Pakistani news anchor breaks out into laughter after panelist shows sizes of bananas from Mumbai and Dhaka with hand gestures

A Pakistani commentator broke into giggling when a specialist portrayed different sizes of bananas exhaustively on detail utilizing hand motions. Aleena Agha, an anchor in the News One TV channel from Pakistan, was discussing bananas with her visitor Khawaja Naveed when she burst into giggling in the wake of discovering that bananas in Mumbai and Dhaka are bigger than the bananas found in Pakistan. A video of the clasp was shared by Pakistani columnist Nalia Inayat on Twitter.

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In the video, specialist Khawaja Naveed is heard saying, ‘Assuming some exploration and venture is made, bananas found in Bombay (Mumbai) are this huge that on the off chance that six bananas are kept in a room, the smell of the bananas spreads in the whole room.’ While saying this, the man additionally utilized his wrist to demonstrate the size of bananas found in Mumbai.

Then, at that point, the Pakistani banana master commended the bananas from Dhaka and said, ‘comparably, the bananas in Dhaka are this huge not at all like those found in Sindh,’ again utilizing his wrist to demonstrate the size of Bangladeshi bananas. As per Khawaja Naveed, the bananas in Sindh were exceptionally poor as far as size.

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At the point when ‘banana master’ Khawaja Naveed was demonstrating the size of bananas from Mumbai and Dhaka utilizing hand motions, some other (filthy?) contemplations may have happened in the brain of Alveena Agha. The obvious ‘thought’ to her was solid that she was unable to prevent herself from breaking in giggling on live TV, attempting to hold her head down.

Proceeding with her giggling, the anchor said that the exploration of bananas is extremely poor in Pakistan and greater improvement is required in this field. From that point forward, she requested that Khawaja Naveed explain to the watchers that he was just discussing the innovative work in Pakistan concerning bananas.

Regardless of the wild giggling by Agha, Naveed kept his cool cheerfully, and said, ‘They ought to do investigate and bring the bananas from Bombay and Dhaka to Pakistan which would expand their interest and deal.’

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