Most Beautiful Places in the World

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No. 06: White Paradise in Australia

White Haven means White Paradise Beach. White Haven extends as low as on less on Australia’s White Sunday. About 98% of it is white sand. This white sand not only gives beauty and charm to this beach but also because of its white color this sand is less warm than normal sand.

Due to which the feet do not burn while walking barefoot on the beach. The beach was awarded the Clean Beach Challenge State Award in 2008. Smoking and dogs are strictly forbidden on the beach.

No. 05: Dahab Blue Hole in Egypt

Dahab Blueway Hole is a boutique restaurant location in eastern Shanghai. It is located a few kilometers north of the Red Sea coast in Egypt. This hole is located at a depth of about 3 km above sea level.

It’s actually a cave. Which is 26 meters interpretation. And that boutique is much more popular in Khoro. According to a local tradition, the soul of a girl lives in the cave, who committed suicide here to avoid forced marriage. At the site of the Dahb Blue Hole, the color of the sea is seen divided into 2 parts.

No. 04: Hamilton Pool Safe

It is a natural water pool that came into being thousands of years ago when the dome of a terrestrial river burst. This historic pool is inside the Texas rocky outcrops. From here, a 5 feet big whistle pa***es. Which never lets this pool dry out.

No. 03: Alorro in Australia

Aloro is a rocky hill, and it is located in Australia. The peculiarity of this hill is that it changes color with the pa***age of time of the day. This 5 meter high hill is also called IS Rock.

No. 02: Valley of Flowers. Uttarakhand, India

There is a gorge full of flowers. Which is located in Uttarakhand, an area of India. All kinds of flowers etc. grow in this valley which is situated at an altitude of 4.5 km above sea level. When these flowers bloom, it looks as if someone has extinguished the corruption of the flowers. This scene is very captivating. People come here every year to take selfies and actors also shoot movies here.

No. 01: Victoria Falls – Zambia / Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is a 1700 meter wide water fountain located between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Falling from a height of 108 meters is also called thundering smoke. Because when water falls from such a height, then a fountain of water reaches from a height of 400 meters. Which gives rise to new clouds. The sound of this waterfall can be heard even from a short distance.

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