8 Extremely Dangerous Tourist Destinations | Amazing information

Amazing information if you consider yourself a risk taker. So today’s post is very special for us. Because today we are going to show you eight extremely dangerous tourist destinations in the world. Seeing them you will forget to breathe.

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This post is for education and informational purposes only. We are writing about some information about tourist destinations. If you have a weak heart, please do not read this. This can be harmful to you. If you read this you will be responsible for everything.

Eight Extremely Dangerous Tourist Destinations | Amazing information

No 08: Gap Bridge of China in China Amazing information

Gap Bridge of China, also known as Death Bridge of China. Friends, you must have seen the glass bridge of China. But Death Bridge is even scarier than them. The height of this tower is 300 meters. People overcome their fears by walking on this bridge.

So the man walking on this bridge is bound by safety blood. But if you have a weak heart, heart disease or are afraid of heights. So get your life insurance and climb this bridge. If yes, life insurance does not apply if your shoe or mobile phone falls down. Falling from this tower is a common thing that does not cause death but does cause injury.

No. 07: White Line Sedona Cycling in Arizona | Amazing information

Friends, you must have ridden a bicycle at some point in your life. And cycling is not a difficult task, but if someone told you to ride a bicycle on a mountain with a very flat surface and extremely dangerous slipperiness, would you agree? Be sure to let me know in the comments. People from all over the world come to enjoy the cycling on Mount Sedona, a white line in the US state of Arizona. Because for them, dancing to death on this dangerous mountain of the world is a very interesting game. Your slightest mistake here can lead to your death.

No. 06: Ladder of Heaven in Hawaii | Amazing information

People come from all over the world to enjoy cycling on Mount Sedona, a white line in the US state of Arizona. Because for them, dancing to death on this dangerous mountain of the world is a very interesting game. The slightest mistake here can lead to your death. These stairs in Hawaii are of great interest to tourists from all over the world. These stairs are about 2900 meters above sea level. The number of these stairs is 3922. These stairs were built in. But considering it risky, these stairs were declared illegal in. Despite being legal, thousands of tourists flock to Hawaii each year to climb the stairs. The most dangerous thing about these stairs is the swing made on the top of the mountain. On which there is no administration of any kind.

The condition of this swing is even more dangerous than its location. Seeing people like me swinging on this swing is a long way off. But most of the people who come here like to swing this swing of death. On June 3, a 9-year-old boy slipped down the stairs and went to the brink of death. And a girl lost her life after falling from the swing.

No. 05: Troll hangs in Norway

This axle is actually a rock in eight hundred meters. It takes about ten to twelve hours to reach the top. One end of this mountain is extremely dangerous. Sitting on the edge of which people like to make noise, shake throat, take selfies and take risks. The view from here is very beautiful. No safety work has been done on the top of this mountain, because of its natural beauty. Friends, think for yourself how to sit on the side of this mountain which can break at any time due to its thinness. On September 5, 2012, a 24-year-old Australian girl fell from a mountain and died.

No. 04: Valerica volcano erupts in Chile

You must have seen banjo jumping in which one or two people are tied with a rope and pushed down from a high place. The world’s most dangerous bungee jumping takes place on the Villarka Vulcano in Chile. Anyone who wants to do bungee jumping here is brought to these volcanoes by helicopter. And it is thrown into this volcano from this height limit in this active volcano. That he could see the burning lava in this volcano. I think such bungee jumping must be done by people who are brainwashed.

No. 03: Mount Everest in Nepal

This is the highest mountain in the world. And that’s why every year thousands of risk takers come to climb this high mountain. Despite the dangers of severe cold, strong winds, changing weather, landslides and earthquakes, the craze for climbing the mountain persists today. According to experts, climbing Mount Everest is not as difficult as descending it. It is estimated that this trip to Mount Everest has claimed more than 300 lives so far. They do not include those whose dead bodies were not inherited by their families.

No. 02: Cliff Camping in California

Friends, if you are asked to climb a cliff that is straight and halfway there you have to camp. Or sleep in a tent thousands of meters above the ground, and spend the night. So what is your answer, please tell in the comments. Yosemite National Park is the most famous place for California cliff camping. In addition, there are mountain ranges in Australia, Germany, Colorado and Peru where the structure of the mountains is very straight. Such a cliff camp is no less than paradise for the rest of the world. They camp thousands of meters above the ground, and spend the night. I think the only people who will do this are those whose hearts are made of steel. Cliff camping kills thousands of people every year. But still people do not stop this work.

No. 01: Rafting the Colorado River in the United States

Friends say that nature should never mess with such things. In front of whom man becomes helpless. But still adventure lovers like to play tricks on death. The Colorado River is one of the most dangerous rivers in the world. Because it is said that the waves of this river are always angry. And people like to drift in this river to face these dangerous waves. Thirty-five people have drowned in this herd from the nineteenth century to the year two thousand and eighteen. And thousands of people are injured every year.

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