Ali Azmat under fire for ridiculing Noor Jehan

Artist was sharing his youth encounters Ali Azmat has vexed many individuals by offering disparaging comments on Malika-e-Tarannum’s appearance but defending them as an a***essment of his more youthful self.

In a meeting with The Current, Ali reviewed the music scene from his initial days and how MTV was extremely popular, which he called a “social intrusion”. The justification for why many individuals accepted an unfamiliar culture, as indicated by Ali, was on the grounds that his own general public had nothing like bringing to the table, and all they needed to watch was Noor Jehan, whom he alluded to as a “mai” (older lady).

Ali commented that he got irritated when he would turn on the TV and see Noor Jehan “singing wearing a full saari, enormous studs, and exaggerated cosmetics”. He didn’t avoid contrasting the incredible vocalist’s look with a “kofta” (meatball) and swinging his hands to intersperse his point.

At the point when the host interceded by saying that Noor Jehan was a “fantastic” artist, Ali contended that he was sharing perspectives from his childhood.

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“I’m letting you know this from my youth when we acknowledged an alternate culture and afterward it turned into a standard,” he said.

Various individuals via online media, particularly Noor Jehan’s fans, disapproved of Ali’s remarks. Some encouraged him to figure out how to regard legends and others remarked that watching the meeting was “difficult” for them.

Being a Junoon fan, I’m humiliated…

Individuals are granted post mortem grants, yet aliazmat has slurs to bring to the table.

All things considered, I truly like how these groups/vocalists purchased English music into the spotlight here in Pakistan yet offending Madam noir Jehan isn’t permitted!!

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@RealAliAzmat, what a disgrace! The least you could have gained from your long stretches of fame in #Pakistan was the way to regard your incredible archetypes! Embarra***ed and deeply embarra***ed! Ridiculing #MadamNoorJahan isn’t cool! #Junoon #AliAzmat #NoorJahan

Completely humiliating!!

Is it an opportunity to drop Ali Azmat?

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