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A Universal Time Update 1.5 Log and Patch Notes

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Roblox AUT has launched the 1.5 Replace on August twelfth, 2022! On this patch, you will discover a wide-variety of adjustments and bug fixes have been added to the expertise. These will hopefully assist clear up any points you might have had and will let you discover some new stuff to do within the sport.

You can see the patch notes and a message from the builders that was posted on the official Discord beneath.

The 2022 Summer season Replace is now dwell! We hope you’re having an excellent summer season up to now, and we hope that you just take pleasure in one among our largest updates but!


[+] NEW MAP! We hope that this would be the main map in the primary sport for a very long time, and we hope that you just take pleasure in it.
[+] NEW STAND REWORK “Whitesnake”
[!] As introduced earlier than, all Whitesnakes that exist within the sport previous to this replace have been eliminated alongside pre-existing requiem arrows.
[+] NEW STAND “Climate Report”
[+] NEW STAND “D4C: Love Prepare”
[+] NEW ABILITY “Anshen”
[+] NEW ARROW STAND “Loopy Diamond”
[+] NEW ABILITY “Brickbattle”
[+] NEW BOSS DIAVOLO (King Crimson)


[+] Emote rework & new emotes!
[!] Emotes are actually out there on cell!
[+] Emote Pack v2 is lastly launched!
[+] “Candy Goals” Emote
[+] “Peanut” Emote
[+] “Troll” Emote
[+] “Do The Odyssey” Emote
[+] “Gangnam Fashion” Emote
[+] “Nae-nae” Emote
[+] “Griddy” Emote
[+] “Distraction dance” Emote
[+] New setting in Video known as “Beauty Adjustments”, which disables issues like Gojo’s avatar mannequin and Jotaro’s hat on SP3 and SP4.
[+] Added pose musics to nearly each stand/spec/pores and skin that might get one
[+] Added new BGM tracks
[+] Added new predominant menu BGM intro
[+] Added new default heavy impact
[+] Adjusted the wall projectiles hit VFX
[+] Added new sprint results
[+] Added new sprint animations
[+] New store objects and specs!

[!] Fast be aware: I will likely be adjusting and largely updating additionally as a lot as potential of the prevailing skins too like swords and scythes fashions with results
to make them look nicer than earlier than subsequent replace!
Tusks skins will occur someday on the long run updates too we’re very sorry it wasn’t potential to do it at this replace.


[+] Estival Platinum (Star Platinum Half 3)
[+] Trip Queen (Killer Queen)
[+] Ocean // Sailor (Planet // Shaper)
[+] Metal Crimson (King Crimson)
[+] Sandsnake (Whitesnake)
🎭🎩🎎 SKINS:
[+] Brickbattle:
[+] Chroma Workforce (Legendary)
[+] Visitor (Unusual)
[!] The Virtuoso upcoming “Legendary” quickly (mid replace or 1.5 half replace)
[+] Palesnake (Widespread)
[+] All-Star Battle (Widespread)
[+] Eyes of Heaven (Unusual)
[+] Palo Alto (Uncommon)
[+] Ashen (Legendary)
[+] Enshadowed (Legendary)
[+] Moon Knight (Epic)
[+] Anti-Venom (Epic)
[+] Umbra(Obtainable):
[+] Ama No Murakumo (Unobtainable Pika pika pores and skin for individuals who obtained Umbra earlier than)
[+] Acquainted (Uncommon)
[+] First Drifter (Epic)
[+] STWR: Sundown (Unusual)
[+] Gents (Epic)
[+] U-Star (Legendary)
[+] Star Platinum Dying Star (Uncommon)
[+] Venture: Platinum (Uncommon)
[+] Star Platinum: Arcade (Legendary)
[+] Star Platinum: Over Heaven (Legendary)
[+] Cybernetica (Uncommon)
[+] Chainlocked (Uncommon)
[+] Archangel (Legendary)
[+] Ruby (Widespread)
[+] Mint (Widespread)
[+] Yellow (Widespread)
[+] Grape (Widespread)
[+] Lunatic Gem (Legendary)
[+] Burial Blade (Uncommon)
[+] D4C:LT:
[+] D4C:LT:Molten (Epic)
[+] D4C:LT:Lovestruck (Uncommon)
[+] Starless Patriot (Epic)
[+] D4C:Molten (Epic)
[+] DAWN:
[+] Daybreak: Rainslasher (Uncommon)
[+] Daybreak: Willbreaker (Epic)
[+] Daybreak: Silverlight (Uncommon)
[+] Snow (Widespread)
[+] Melon (Widespread)
[+] Ruby (Widespread)
[+] Lavender (Widespread)
[+] Cloud Expertise (Uncommon)
[+] Groot (Epic)
[+] YASUO:
[+] Murasama (Epic)
[!] Nightbringer upcoming “Legendary” pores and skin (mid replace or 1.5 half replace)
[+] YONE:
[+] Nichirin Cleavers (Uncommon)
[!] Dawnbringer upcoming “Legendary” pores and skin (mid replace or 1.5 half replace)
[+] Locke & Loaded (Uncommon)
[+] Thunder (Epic)
[+] The World: Woke up(Epic > Legendary)
[!] As a result of it having distinctive voicelines and its personal visuals the worth has elevated
[+] The World: Arcade (Epic > Legendary)
[!] The World: Arcade bought a significant replace, and has moved as much as Legendary because of this
[+] The World: Best Excessive (Legendary)
[+] Ghost (Epic)
[+] Scarlet (Epic)
[+] Crystal (Epic)
[+] RGB (Epic)
[+] Gents (Epic)
[+] STWR: Sundown (Uncommon)
[+] U-Star (Legendary)
[+] Nocturnus: Darkish Tides (Epic)
[+] King Crimson: Self-discipline (Legendary)
[+] Stone Age barely up to date


[+] “Area Enlargement” results & transfer” has been reworked solely to work otherwise and be a greater usable transfer typically
[+] “Area Enlargement” can solely be used as soon as per life
[+] “Area Enlargement” can now be used at 75% well being
[+] [SP:TW] Added a Therapeutic Potion for the Therapeutic Transfer to the Stardust Guardian Pores and skin
[+] [SP:TW] Spotlight Indicator Impact when utilizing Beatdown
[+] Made NPC/Boss Motion much less tough
– Respects AutoRotate (use KC donut on a boss to see)
– Stopped teleport rotation (lerps)
– Performs an idle as a substitute of working whereas standing nonetheless (largely)
[+] With the ability to Time Erase with out summoning needs to be fastened
[+] King Crimson holding E will now do a burst barrage shared cooldown with Doppio slam
[+] Time Cease on the finish now knocks you aside from burst time cease on SPTW
[+] New LMB model added to largely all stands/specs model 3
LMB V3 is the brand new LMB system to switch each LMB V1 and V2.
In contrast to V1 and V2, the combo counter for V3 doesn’t reset on a timer, as a substitute, it resets at any time when you aren’t attacking.
Which means this previous combo with V1 (LMB x3 > E > LMB x3 > R) is not potential, however this combo is (LMB X1 > E > LMB x2 > R).


[] Tusk switching keys modified to “1” and “2” (steered by so many tusk mains to me) (we’ll hopefully have a keybind changer within the subsequent replace) [] Barely adjusted taunts to be working a bit higher
[] Air Palm hitbox now matches the impact nearer [] King Crimson Transformed
[] Up to date All Pores and skin(s) Barrage Arms to their new Remodels [] GE has Quotes now.
[] Pores and skin Reroll has been moved into the store. [] You might discover that the font for the UI typically is totally different. It’s now Supply Sans as a substitute of Ubuntu.
[] Each day Store now makes use of weighted probabilities as soon as once more. We’re at the moment trying into assured legendaries each week. [] TW: OVA now has an oil tanker.
[] Added King Crimson demise sounds [] Decreased the scale of Gojo’s Air Palm hitbox
[] Gojo’s Air Palm now block breaks if the goal is inside 8 studs of the consumer [] “Heavy results” has been reworked solely too
[] “Projectiles results” has been reworked and work higher [] “Tusks VFX impact” reworked
[] “Daybreak VFX results” has been reworked, hits, and many others, and many others [] “Skins Auras results” Epic skins and legendary skins has acquired higher mannequin visible results
[] “Mero’s Trails” Mero’s legs trails gotten a brand new impact [] “Mero Projectiles” has gotten new results round them and new path
[] “Yone” All of yones visible results have been modified and improved quite a bit + New animation for the Q Mortal metal so It’s extra pure [] “Yasuo” All of yasuo visible results have additionally been modified and improved
[] “D4C” New Summon VFX [] “KC” New Summon VFX and it’s skins gotten new VFX primarily based on their colors
[] “TW” New Summon VFX [] “SP” New Summon VFX
[] “SP:TW” New Summon VFX [] “GE” New Summon VFX
[] “Neptune The World Pores and skin” Summon VFX reworked [] “The World: Woke up” Summon VFX reworked
[] “Darkish Empoeror” Summon VFX and Aura Reworked [] “The World:OVA” now has an Oil tanker on his Roadroller
[] “The World:Arcade” now has correct voicelines and new ones and new results throughout particular strikes [] “Shadow: Dio” Partially reworked
[] “Star Platinum: The World” Partially reworked [] “The World” New Pose animation
[] “Stardust Guardian SPTW pores and skin” New Pose animation and visible reworks round it [] “The World:OVA pores and skin” has an oil tanker now


[] 💪DIO Boss: [] DIO’s barrage injury has been elevated 💪(1.3 > 2.6)💪
[] DIO’s Blood Suck now does 2x extra injury and heals 💪2x💪 extra [] XChara:
[] The vary of Knife Volley has been considerably decreased. [] The vary of Glitch Stab has been considerably decreased.
[] Umbra: [] T transfer nerfed barrage 8> 6
[] G transfer dmg from 20 > 15 [] Yasuo:
[] Now not capable of achieve stacks off of blocking targets. [] Yasuo now good points iframes throughout Seize
[!] NOTE: Yasuo gained his F transfer cutscene black bars animations too
[] King Crimson: [] King Crimson Nerfed T transfer dmg from 25 > 20
[] King Crimson Nerfed Y transfer dmg from 30 > 20 [] King Crimson new transfer maintain E for burst barrage + shared cooldown with doppio slam
[] King Crimson R transfer cooldown is just created after transfer ends [] King Crimson T transfer stun decreased from 1 > 0.5
[] Shadow Dio: [] Knife Barrage (STANDING + T) now spreads out every knife at angles,
making this transfer extra like a “shotgun” of types. The injury of every knife has additionally been elevated.
[] Stand Uppercut (G) has been changed with Stand Strike (G). Just like Shadow DIO’s stand transfer in HFTF, this can be a ranged strike. Whereas this transfer is lively, the consumer could carry out every other strikes that don’t contain their stand. [] Time Cease (F) now has an extended startup (0.5 > 0.7), and could be cancelled by being hit now.
[] Excessive Kick (STANDING + E) now does barely much less injury (35 > 30), and has a better cooldown (6.5 > 8). [] Uppercut (CROUCHING + E) now does barely much less injury (35 > 30), and has a better cooldown (9 > 14).
[] Blood Suck (Y) can not combo lengthen off of gamers. [] Yone:
[] Now not capable of achieve stacks off of blocking targets. [!] NOTE: Yone Visible Unsealed Destiny Indicator fastened [] Yone’s Destiny sealed 70 > 80
[] Yone’s Soul unbound injury elevated [] Sakuya:
[] [Sakuya] Purple Soul acts as an precise barrage now, nevertheless stays uncancelable [] [Sakuya] Purple Soul Endlag decreased | 0.7 -> 0.35
[] [Sakuya] Modified Purple Soul Hitbox | Magnitude -> Region3 [] [Sakuya] Knives Burst not units you into place
[] [Sakuya] Decreased Knife Throw Endlag | 0.25 -> 0.125 [] [Sakuya] Decreased Knife Throw Cooldown | 5 -> 3.5
[] [Sakuya] Elevated Knife Throw Knife Velocity | 2 -> 3 [] [Sakuya] Decreased Knife Throw Journey Distance | 3 -> 1.5
[] [Sakuya] Eliminated Decelerate on Killing Doll [] [Sakuya] Elevated Killing Doll Vary | 25 -> 40
[] [Sakuya] Elevated Killing Doll KnifeCount | 20 -> 25 [] [Sakuya] Elevated Killing Doll Knife Velocity | 3 -> 4
[] [Sakuya] Added some delay inbetween every knife on Killing Doll [] [Sakuya] Elevated Timestop Size | 3 -> 4
[] [Sakuya] Elevated M1 Hitbox Measurement | 4 -> 5 [] [Sakuya] Elevated M1 Stun | 0.6 -> 0.7
[] [Sakuya] Elevated M1 non FinalHit Harm | 10 -> 12.5 [] [Sakuya] Decreased M1 Remaining Cooldown | 2.5 -> 1.9
[] Broly: [] [Broly] F not is an evasive, Harm 32 > 45, now guardbreaks as nicely
[] [Broly] Awakening not has soar energy buff, Harm buff/Harm discount 150% > 125%, much less injury discount as nicely [] Star Platinum (Half 3) and Star Platinum: The World:
[] [SP] Can’t combo lengthen off of Heavy Punch [] [SP:TW] Can’t combo lengthen off of Floor Slam
[] [SP:TW] Arm Crush leaves each gamers impartial now [] [SP] Inhale bypasses block & drags opponent backwards
[] [SP] Eliminated Decelerate on Gun [] [SP] Cranium Breaker Harm per Hit | 10.5 -> 13.5
[] [SP] Star Finger can now combo lengthen once more [] [SP] Star Finger now stun 0.75 > 1
[] [SP] Tandem now from 3 dmg > 2.75 -Mini-rework for SP:TW [] Beatdown (S.ON H) can now solely be used as soon as per life.
[] Resolve (Y) now has 1 second of intangibility after the transfer ends. [] Robust Punch (S.ON R) has been changed with Chin Crusher (R), Fairly related, however can be utilized in stand off as nicely.
[] Liver Shot (S.ON Y) has been added, and acts as a combo extender. [] Burst Time Cease (TAP F) has been added, appearing as a fast 2 second time cease. To do the unique 5 second time cease, maintain down F.
[] LMBs can now even be completed in Stand Off, alongside Stand On [] The injury of Jab Sprint (S.OFF E) has been decreased (25 > 17.5).
[] Arm Crush (S.ON T) now leaves each events utterly in impartial. [] Floor Slam (S.ON G)’s injury has been decreased (45 > 37.5)
[] Mero: [] [Mero] Pistol kiss now 20 > 30 injury and not guardbreaks
[] Gold Expertise: [] Gold Expereince’s LMBs stun length 0.45 > 0.65
[] Gold Expertise’s Therapeutic 50 > 25 – Cooldown 35 > 20 [] Gold Expereince’s Consecutive strikes decreased stun on final hit
[] Killer Queen: [] Killer Queen Summon cooldown 2 > 1
[] Killer Queen adjusted previous LMB stun to be 0.65 was 0.4 [] Killer Queen Bubble bomb injury 40 > 45
[] Killer Queen Escape Plan stun 0.5 > 0.75 [] Sweet Cutlass:
[] Sweet Cutlass’s Sword slashes 5 > 8.5 per hit injury [] Sweet Cutlass’s R transfer stab 20 > 25 and kick 10 > 15
[] Sweet Cutlass’s Y transfer is now uncancellable [] Gojo:
[] [Gojo] can not use DE whereas underneath the consequences of Time Erase [] [Gojo] can not use DE each 15 seconds
[] [Gojo] LMB combo now stuns for 0.1 secs as a substitute of 0.4 [] [Gojo] LMB combo now offers 6 dmg per hit as a substitute of 8
[] [Gojo] Blue Amplification now offers 10 injury as a substitute of 30 [] [Gojo] Air Palm now offers 20 injury as a substitute of 25
[] [Domain Expansion] now lasts for 20 seconds as a substitute of 30 [] [Domain Expansion] offers the consumer 1.8x dmg and victims 0.75x dmg (was 2x and 0.4x respectively)
[] Made [Red Reversal] teleportation shorter [] Made [Red Reversal] Windup much less 1.5s to 1s
[] [AoE Blast] has a brand new animation now and has longer endlag now 🔨FIXES: [] [TUSK] Tusk Quote awakening fastened
[] [TUSK] Tusk awakening music adjusted [] [SPTW] SPTW Quote on awakening fastened
[] [SPTW] SPTW Awakening music again [] [SPTW] Fastened Cybernetica not having seen/solely partially seen arms on S. Off T and E
[] [SPTW] Fastened Chainlocked not having any arms on S. Off T and E in any respect [] [STWR] Fastened the chair from the pose disappearing randomly after a while
[] [STWR] Fastened the chair from the pose disappearing when one other STWR consumer unposes [] [CD] Fastened Lunatic Gem not having barrage arms
[] [D4C] Fastened Lovestruck pores and skin utilizing incorrect barrage arms [] [D4C] Fastened Molten pores and skin utilizing incorrect barrage arms
[] [D4C] Fastened Patriot pores and skin utilizing incorrect barrage arms [] [SP] Fastened face decal staying seen after tandem
[] [SP] Fastened incorrect sufferer animation taking part in on Cranium Breaker [] Fastened Broly R breaking the consumer
[*] [Gojo]:

Hole Purple now cancels when the consumer dies or adjustments stands

Beatdown is not globally cancelled when DE ends.

Person and sufferer of Area Seize can not be harmed by third events in the course of the cutscene.
[] Fastened nearly each quote within the sport reducing out! [] Patched a significant exploit with the Buying and selling System that allowed individuals to rip-off very simply.
[] Fastened with the ability to pose whereas mounted on TWHV and DTWHV’s horse. [] Fastened XChara’s Glitch Uppercut with the ability to hit a number of targets.
[] Fastened XChara’s blaster impact completely staying if the consumer leaves. [] Fastened Killer Queen’s Face Slam with the ability to injury a number of targets.
[] Gun’s Pose now works correctly. [] SPTW’s Arm Crusher doesn’t break if used on a goal that’s respawning, or if the goal is already lifeless.
[] Yasuo’s Soul Unbound aura not stays if going previous the utmost attain. [] Star Platinum’s Cranium Breaker ought to work higher aganist block damaged targets
[] Goku’s Head Coloration not adjustments to the consumer’s avatar coloration [] Fastened TW: OVA and TW: Arcade having their faces seen when unsummoned
[] Berserk Senses not causes an infinite injury loop if the consumer resets [] Berserk Senses digital camera not will get damaged if the consumer resets
[] Fastened a bug on D4C the place a everlasting clone of the consumer can be created if the consumer modified capacity proper after utilizing Dimension Hop [] Correctly fastened Tusk’s beatdown breaking the consumer when used whereas a timestop is lively
[] Readded Locke’s previous pose music. [] Readded Creeper Queen’s previous pose music, however solely the instrumental on account of copyright.
[] Fastened soar cooldown solely beginning to apply after having respawned [] Fastened some demise results solely working after have respawned
[] Fastened minor grammar mistake on TWOH’s Neutralization Heal [] Fastened Goku’s aura getting disabled upon an unsuccessful transformation
[] Fastened Goku’s UI/MUI outlines staying when altering varieties [] Fastened no cooldown when switching from UI/MUI into one other type, permitting for potential limitless UI
[] Fastened Goku protecting the utmost well being buff when detransforming from UI / MUI. [] Fastened Broly not with the ability to soar after LSSJ transformation.
[] Fastened Sans with the ability to use Unhealthy Time on targets with iframes. [] Fastened Sans gaster blaster results staying generally.
[] Fastened XChara Knife Volley not registering block damaged targets [] Fastened XChara’s on the spot teleport with the ability to cross throuhg elements of the map
[] Fastened XChara’s Glitch Uppercut with the ability to injury a number of tarrgets [] Nocturnus’ Crash Slash not softlocks victims if the consumer respawns
[] TWHV / DTWHV’s Sprint cooldown is now the identical as different stands [] Fastened Fightsabre’s obtainment affirmation not working
[] Added new idle to Nocturnus: Risen Solar [] Added again music to Kazotsky Kick emote
[] Re-added pose music for DTWHV [] New pose music added to TW: Woke up
[] TW: Woke up has been transformed [] Space across the well being bar not blocks mouse enter
[] Fastened with the ability to change skins throughout time cease [] Fastened Broly’s R with the ability to hit a number of targets without delay
[] Sol’s Teleport Barrage not assaults lifeless targets [] Sol’s Sol Star now works on blocking targets
[] KQ Fastened with the ability to make the Yen Throw coin explode twice [] KQ Fastened Main Bomb cooldown not being created when lacking the melee hit
[] KQ Fastened Yen Throw cooldown intervening with Main Bomb cooldown in order that the punch was ineffective at instances [] KQ Fastened Yen Throw explosion showing at a distinct place if used after the coin disappeared
[] Fastened KQ’s Punch Bomb hitbox [] Fastened KQ’s explosion PointLight persisting after the explosion results have dissipated
[!] Adjustments:

KQ’s Bubble Bomb now explodes immediately upon guide detonation, or mechanically if throughout the vary of 12 studs of an enemy

KQ’s Bubble Bomb is now rewritten to make use of Trove and InputListener (making it extra steady total, I imagine)
[] Fastened some raycasts of some talents not working correctly on the brand new testing map [] xChara Fastened Glitch Uppercut getting targets caught midair when the consumer resets/dies
[] Gojo Beatdown and TeleKick not ignore sans dodge or blocking gamers [] Fastened BD victims getting caught if the attacker leaves or dies
[] Fastened utilizing BD breaking DE if used whereas the void is shattering [] Fastened DE breaking the GUI
[] SP:TW Fastened the Can Affect sound not having any SoundGroup and bypassing Quantity settings [] SP:TW Fastened Beatdown altering Pores and skin Aura Coloration
[] SP Fastened SP Lacking the barrage SFX [] Sakuya Fastened Timestop happening cooldown when there’s a worldwide timestop cooldown lively
[] Sakuya Fastened M1’s having the wrong hit SFX [] Sakuya Fastened M1’s having no Swing SFX
[*] Sakuya Fastened with the ability to get a number of Knife Throw cooldowns


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