A Lawyer Ripped Black Women

Ladla Baloch

In a recent incident, a musician by the name of Lizzy Ashliegh had her wig pulled off in front of a public audience. The perpetrator was a young attorney named Anthony P. Orlich, who carried out the act in New York City. 

Following the episode, the musician posted several videos on Instagram and TikTok. In one of these videos, she approaches the intoxicated lawyer who tried to leave the scene.

Social media users were outraged by the incident and claimed the attack was racially motivated. 

No one knew who the lawyer was until Lizzy Ash’s video started to go viral on TikTok, where users assisted in the discovery. 

Due to his cruel acts, several have advocated for Anthony Orlich’s legal license to be suspended.

Lizzy Ash’s TikTok videos

The most crucial video to come out of this ordeal shows Lizzy Ash filming Anthony Orlich as he tries to flee the scene after pulling her wig off while she is terrified. It appears that the lawyer is intoxicated as well.

In the same video, one of Anthony P. Orlich’s pals even attempts to confront him in person, but he avoids eye contact the entire time. He never stops smiling throughout the entire video, not indicating that he is feeling regretful, and he never stops to apologize.

After that, Lizzy Ash continued to post other videos on TikTok, in which she discussed the incident in greater depth and provided more detailed information. 

In one of the films, she portrayed the difficulty of removing a wig under normal circumstances. Nevertheless, even though the attorney applied force with great might, it detached without any difficulty.

In another video, she gave her audience an update regarding her health following the incident. Lizzy Ash explained that she had muscle relaxers prescribed to her by her doctor because of the injury that occurred in her neck.

She expressed gratitude to those who had assisted her in recognizing the attorney Anthony Orlich from her video.

Who is lawyer Anthony P. Orlich?

The person who was responsible for the terrifying experience that the musician had was quickly determined to be responsible by the internet community.

Anthony P. Orlich, a young attorney from New York, was the one who ripped Lizzy Ash’s wig off her head. A video posted by the user @thatdaneshguy on TikTok disclosed his information.

We have been made aware that Anthony Orlich is currently an associate at Leader, Berkon, Colao & Silverstein LLP. 

Sources suggest that his LinkedIn profile and any information about him on his organization’s website have been wiped out.

Despite this, many individuals have come out in support of Lizzy Ash, pushing the ratings of the legal organization down. 

They have demanded that Anthony Orlich be let go from his position at the corporation. In addition, information on his license, including whether or not it would be suspended, has not yet been made public.

Reactions on social media

Justice for Lizzy Ash and the suffering she endured due to this sad incident has been largely brought about by users of the social media platforms TikTok and Twitter. 

Anthony P. Orlich came under harsh criticism, mainly for his privilege and insensitivity. It was astonishing to many that such a distasteful stunt could be pulled off by an attorney in the legal field. 

In addition to calls for his dismissal, numerous internet users are urging Lizzy Ash to bring charges against him for pulling her wig.

Over 400,000 people have watched the TikTok video, and Lizzy has videos detailing the situation, all available here.

Following the Memorial Day weekend, Anthony Orlich gained notoriety on social media after a TikTok video of him allegedly stealing a wig off a Black woman’s head went viral, amassing over a million views. 

Consequently, Orlich was terminated from his employment, and his information was subsequently removed from Berkon Colao & Silverstein LLP’s website.

The notice “Sorry, the page you requested is not valid” appears when you click on his profile. Please double-check the file name and try again, or choose another link. On the “Our Team” website of Leader Berkon Colao & Silverstein LLP, Anthony is no longer mentioned as a team member. 

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