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A Few Essential Tips to Sell Your House Quickly

Selling a property is a hectic task, and if you are trying to sell your house by yourself, you must be ready to keep on the market for a long time before the right deal comes along. 

At any given point, more than twenty thousand homes in Alberta are on the market for sale with an average price of $353,000. Half of Alberta’s population lives in houses bigger than 1,000 square feet and range to 2,000 square feet. However, once you go above 2,000 square feet, you might end up in the luxury residential market. 

However, the average price of a property in Alberta is lower than the average prices in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, which attracts many first-time buyers to the state. 

In the year 2021, the province recorded more than sixty thousand residential property sales, which is a significant increase from the previous year. As per recent figures by area, more houses are sold in the province than the influx of properties. Owing to such factors, selling a house in Alberta is very easy. 

Here are some of the tips you can follow if you are putting your house on the market. 

  • Prepare Your House

Before listing the house on the market, you should make sure that the house is in perfect shape. You can start with minor repairs around the house, applying a fresh coat of paint, adding new lights, and staging the home. 

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If you suspect there are any serious issues with the house, you can call in an inspector, as they will provide you with a comprehensive report of the problems in your house. Moreover, the buyer will also demand an inspection report, so you should get it done beforehand. 

Making such minor changes to the house can improve the overall appeal of the property. 

  • Hire a Real Estate Agent

You must hire a real estate agent if you want to speed up the process of selling your house conveniently. You should only seek guidance from real estate agents who are enlisted with the Real Estate Council of Alberta. The agent will guide you through the process and help you in determining the property’s worth.

  • Determine a Correct Listing Price

The listing price can either make or break your house’s reputation in the real estate marketplace. A listing price can be defined as the price at which you would consider selling the house. Herein, an experienced agent would help you determine the best price for your property based on the market evaluation. If you keep the listing price below the market evaluation, you will end up selling the property for a loss; on the other hand, if you overshoot the listing price, you might not attract any buyers. So, you must strike the perfect balance. 

  • Consult an Experienced Lawyer

You should consult an experienced lawyer once you sign any form of agreement with the real estate agency. However, to safeguard your interest, it is better to contact the lawyer first before signing an agreement with an agency. 

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A property lawyer will work to protect your interests and review each legal document on your behalf. Moreover, they might help you in evaluating multiple offers and chart out the paperwork for sale. 

These are some of the steps you can take to sell a house in Alberta at a good price. However, consider selling a house in Alberta directly without a real estate agent if you wish to save some money on commissions. 

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