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7 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iPhone & Android in 2021

Only a few years ago, we could use only Photoshop for photo editing. So it could take hours to make a perfect photo or create a minimalist ad promoting profitable sports lines. However, today, this process takes just a couple of minutes, especially if you use the following apps. 7 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iPhone & Android in 2021.

01: Snapseed | Best Free Photo Editing Apps

Snapseed is a versatile photo editing app with many options. It’s good for color correction, with the most general settings (sharpening, curves, white balance, temperature, and cropping). There is a double exposure, the ability to place text on the photo, and face correction.

Snapseed will be easy to use for Photoshop professionals, but even those who have never used pocket photo editors can easily get used to the app. It is for such users that there is an auto-correction function that adjusts color independently.

02: Foodie

Foodie will help to take beautiful and appetizing pictures of your food. The app offers over 30 color-correcting filters with the ability to attenuate the effect of each one, as well as helping you choose the best angle for your photo. And with filters categorized by selfies, food, interior, and views, it’s easier to find the right settings.

03: Afterlight

Afterlight provides a comprehensive approach to photography without putting watermarks on them. With the built-in camera shell, you can take a picture, process it with numerous tools, and complete the process by saving it to your device or publishing it to social media.

The photo processing functionality is divided into 5 categories (manual color correction, color filters, film effect, cropping and rotation, frames, and masks).

04: VSCO

The app has a user-friendly interface that allows you to master all the functions in a couple of days. Users are provided with settings that allow them to work out all aspects of photo correction in detail.

For example, the photo can change the exposure, contrast, the picture can also be cropped, tilted diagonally, vertically, change the position, add sharpness, transparency, or saturation in color, remove or add shadows, temperature, correct skin tone, or image grain.

VSCO allows you to use ready-made automatic color correction templates. There are many filters available, but most of them are paid. At the same time, the application allows not only to edit but also to shoot photos by setting the same settings as on a standard camera, up to the focus.

05: Nichi

Nichi provides the ability to import up to nine photos into a collage. Frames with photos are not static, each of them can be moved separately, rotated, enlarged, and combined in any order to create your composition, i.e. the application gives even more freedom for creativity. At the same time on the main screen, there are also ready-made templates. Some of them are paid, others can be used freely.

06: Posing App

This app is for beginner photographers, but professionals will find useful tips in it as well. The program includes 410 poses in different categories (children, women, men, groups, couples, weddings, portraits). You can add your favorite poses to your favorites. A brief description and a layout are included.

Besides tips on posing, Posing App offers general photo tips: on facial expression, head, hands, and feet position, as well as tips on exposure and composition.

07: Adobe Lightroom | Best Free Photo Editing Apps

Lightroom helps you create beautiful photos on your phone and improve your photo retouching skills. Understandable on an intuitive level tools allow you to crop photos as you want, apply to them a variety of filters, presets that you have to create yourself or look for from colleagues. However, by choosing the right presets, you will save a lot of time.

Lightroom allows you to work with curves, properties and color. The basic version is free, but there are a couple of features that are only available with a monthly subscription.

These include Mass Processing, which allows you to edit multiple photos simultaneously by copying and applying selected settings, as well as selective correction.

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