27-Year-Old Indian Woman Among 9 Killed In Mass Shooting CCTV Footage

27-Year-Old Indian Woman Among 9 Killed In Mass Shooting

We are sharing with you the heartbreaking and saddening news which we have recovered from the USA. The news has shattered and devastated the people as a woman named Aishwarya Thatikonda of Hyderabad was killed in a Texas Mall shooting with eight others. The shooting incident took place on Saturday in a busy mall in Dallas, Texas. The horrifying incident of gun violence caused hundreds of shoppers to flee the mall in panic. The news of the passing away of the young lady has shattered the family as the parents got the painful information on Sunday. We are providing you with the whole information about the incident in this article. Be with us to get the entire incident.

27-Year-Old Indian Woman Among 9 Killed In Mass Shooting

It has been reported that a gunman open fired in a crowded mall in Texas on Saturday and caused the killing of innocent people. The situation became panic in no time. An Indian family who has lost their beloved daughter is devastated completely as the news has come. It has been reported that Aishwarya Thatikonda of Hyderabad lost her life during the terrifying event. She was 27 years old and was working as a project manager in the US. She was working for Perfect General Contractors Company there. Aishwarya Thatikonda belongs to Saroornagar in Hyderabad and is the daughter of a District Court judge Narsireddy of Hyderabad.

27-Year-Old Indian Woman Among 9 Killed In Mass Shooting

The untimely and horrified death of the girl has shattered the family and friends in turmoil. It has been reported also that the gunman who fired at the mall has been shot dead by the police on the spot. The killer has been identified as Mauricio Garcia, 33-year-old. The families of the deceased victims are devastated by the incident. Aishwarya, an exceptionally bright child of the family has waved off the family after the brutal incident. The family told that they talked to her on Saturday before the incident and after they came to know about the shooting incident, they were trying to contact her just to ensure her safety, but she was not picking up the phone.

The family was feeling insecure and finally received the shocking news. The parents are not able to come to their senses till now and are not in a position to talk to anybody. They have been told that the body of Aishwarya would be sent on Wednesday most probably. It has been reported also that Aishwarya’s friend was also injured during the incident and is receiving treatment at McKinney Medical. The recent shooting incidents in the USA are proving the US to be an unsafe nation. No doubt, every year lakhs of students go to the US for higher studies but these frequent incidents have questioned the law and order there. Our deepfelt prayers are for the deceased girl. Stay tuned.

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